It’s not your fault you think this

When ordering your coffee in Costa

You get rudely distracted by the choc volcano brownie


You seem to give yourself a telling off for even thinking about it

^^^ ‘Go to your room NOW, Ottilie’ (don’t worry, I havent said that to my 11-week old daughter yet as she can’t walk so I’d have to take her there anyway so t would lose it’s impact 😉

Let alone tucking into one (or three)

Just think about this way

If some lions came across the some food

^^^ let’s call them Mufasa and Simba (don’t know why they came into my head)

Do you really think that Mufasa would turn to Simba and say:

‘You know what Simba, I’m not really feeling like tucking in to all this food.”

“But why Mufasa? You can always do 40000000 burpees to help you burn the calories you’ll take in”

It just wouldnt happen, right?

Because you are wired to eat

And the food environment you live in to day thrives off of this

The smell of pasties from Gregg’s

The fresh, heavenly smell of bread in Waitrose

So if you’re beating yourself up for having ‘thoughts’ about going through a loaf of bread left out on the side

Finishing the packet of biscuits

And THEN the tub of ice cream

Actually give yourself a break.

But it’s not all doom and gloom

We know your environment plays a key role here

In fact, a recent study showed that:

* When Europeans (that’s us despite Brexit) move to North America we gain 7% of our body weight

* When North Americans move overseas to Europe they lose around 2% of their body weight

* When North Americans move to Asia…they lose over 4% of their body weight

Which just highlights how what you do isnt always based on rationale, conscious decisions, right?

and I know what you’re thinking…

“Well, I’m not moving to North America or Asia any time soon”

So here’s what you can do right now to lose up to 10lbs:

* Only eat from crockery

* Use smaller crockery

* Only eat when your sat down

* Don’t eat in front of the TV

* Tidy your kitchen so the only thing out is a fruit bowl

* Make sure the first thing you see when you open your fridge are veggies / salads / meats (you’re 3 times more likely to choose the first thing you see)

But you know this stuff already, right?

Want to know WHAT and HOW MUCH to eat to lose weight and drop a dress size for summer and actually DO IT?

Hit REPLY with YES

And I’ll send you details about our Fat Loss Mastery Programme which will be opening up again soon


PS. Maybe it would be easier for us if we do our Fat Loss Mastery Programme in Asia?​ 😉​​

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