Those who can’t do…

Those who can't do...

"How to manage calorie intake and how to plan meals around a busy schedule"

^^^^^ Read that again..

Because if you nail this I GUARANTEE you success, be it sports performance, ditching the love handles and / or filling out your T shirt with some ammunition (AKA muscle).

And I don't mean preparing chicken and broccoli.

In fact, some of the meals we did were kind of PREPACKED (cooked chicken etc), some were home cooked..

Why? Because what's the point in making all this STUFF if NO ONE does it.

Sure we could make one of Gordon Ramsays quinoa salad with haloumi, courgette and herb cakes...BUT how often will these be made?

Some of the dishes we made included:

Scrambled egg on toast

Porridge with raisins, honey, chocolate flavour protein powder <<< so good by the way and a great meal before working out

Chicken and salsa wraps --- Again can be adapted for breakfast (eggs) and on-the-go dinner (chicken, egg, beef, onion, peppers, balsamic vinegar).

PLUS one of the great things about wraps is that you can put your leftovers in there.

Have a roast chicken on Sunday? Well lunch tomorrow is sorted with the leftovers. Chuck it in a wrap, red onion, tomato salsa, peppers, balsamic vinegar, wrap it in foil and you're good to go!!

FINALLY, we made some homemade KFC style chicken and chips...yes athletes eating chicken and chips. All made to fit their nutrient needs pre and post training / working out / playing a game.

And this is exactly the same for fat loss!

Swindon Town FC Programme Vs Blackpool

Despite being inspired by the likes of Mark Walters and Iffy Onoura to one day play for Swindon Town, this dream was soon over...although I did have hope when I saw Danny Invincible banging in the goals...It did make me wonder if I could make it again after all...

But as they say, those who can't do...teach others how to eat and train. And I've had the pleasure of helping tons of BUSY guys get more energy, perform better both in their workouts and in their jobs, drop body fat, and BE MORE CONFIDENT!

Just like my client Paul said on on Facebook after his session on Saturday:

"That was great morning session with Matt Fruci personal trainer who is great motivator , with amazing knowledge in Nutrition . I am feeling more confident .... cant wait for next training Marlborough Fitness & Performance Centre"

Because that's sometimes all we need. The tools. The knowledge. All to feel more confident that we CAN do it.

There's no's doing the BASICS. And doing the BASICS VERY WELL.

^^^ Because you're not DIFFERENT to anyone else REGARDLESS of what you've tried in the past.

The BASICS WORK. Just like I explain for FREE in the Lean For Life Starter Kit here.

Speak soon,


PS. if you haven't tried a chicken wrap with some salsa, red onion, peppers and balsamic vinegar, what are you waiting for...that's lunch sorted!

PPS. a simple quick one, 1 scoop of chocolate / banana/ vanilla whey protein powder in your porridge with some honey and raisins / blueberries...

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