Smacked by the truth…

Smacked by the truth...

Turns out, I've barely put on any LEAN muscle since January. Ive maintained and put on about a 1 lb of lean muscle. I'm "quite" happy with this.

BUT hearing something I didn't really want to hear has helped me reassess my plan for the rest of the year.

I'm taking ACTION. I've rewritten my own plan. Had a meeting with a coach (always helps to get another persons perspective - also makes you accountable...which means you actually DO and don't FANTASISE).

So anyway, here's a few training MISTAKES that you need to STOP DOING if you want to build LEAN muscle and drop fat:

  1. NOT TRACKING PROGRESS - Yes something is better than NOTHING...but if you're not assessing you ARE GUESSING. And if you're not progressing you need to ask yourself why? Sleep? Diet? Stress? Work? Not training properly? Wasting time in the gym? Not EATING ENOUGH? These are all things I assess in the Fruci Fit Lifestyle Tracker with clients
  2. Ignoring proper exercise form - Yes you're in the gym, but do you even know what muscle you're working? You could be increasing your risky of injury too by using weights with incorrect form. Dodgy back and knee from the old squash and football days? Trigger them back off and get injured for a sure fire way to derail your progress...
  3. JUST doing cardio - Yes, cardio burns calories and if you enjoy it keep doing it by all means. BUT if you're already LACKING THE TIME because of your busy lifestyle, fed up of wasting time on the treadmill and just WANT may be better off focusing on progressing with some weight training and doing some high intensity cardio. Not only can this be done in LESS TIME - making it easier to get it done - it will also promote muscle building and COULD increase your metabolism and help you lose fat and KEEP IT OFF LONG TERM!!!!

So we need to STOP being "average".

Average is for Liverpool FC..

We need to create change.

Because something has to change if you want to lose your belly fat FOR GOOD...

My client Luke hit the nail on the head:

"Einstein is often quoted as saying 'insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results'. From experience I can tell you this is true! How many years over did I waste my time and money joining the gym every January, only to have made no progress and lost motivation come March? I made more progress in 3 months with Matt, than every year before combined. Can't recommend him highly enough!"

You can easily do that too.

Check out the FREE Lean For Life Starter Kit and try it for yourself...

Speak soon,


PS. After beating Crystal Palace, all I'm hearing is that next year is Liverpools year!!! Just like last year was meant to be...Oh and the year before that...

PPS. Don't be a Liverpool...DO what you SAY!​

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