Still waiting for the SECRET fat busting recipe?

You're stranded on Mars. You've got months to live (at best), yet you're friends at home who are supposed to be helping you are just "hanging around" waiting for the "secret recipe".

That best time.

That perfect situation.

^^^^^This (nearly) happens in the film, 'The Martian"...which I watched for the second time this weekend (good film, may be one for Mothers Day to go with the flowers if you haven't bought a present yet BUT I'm hoping you have!)

Anyway, the film has Matt Damon in. He's stuck on Mars. NASA are planning all sorts of missions to save him.

But people have doubts. "What if this happens?" "You can't put that into space.."

Fear begins to grow. Why? Because FEAR is fed by time. The longer we leave things. The longer we put things off…the harder it gets. How long can he really survive on Mars eating potatoes?

But the thing is, if they'd kept waiting any longer. Waiting for that "secret recipe"…it would have been too late.

They'd have wasted so much time "aiming" and not enough time "firing" OR GETTING STUFF DONE!

Just like your job. You only get paid for the stuff you get DONE. Thoughts, ideas, and to-do lists are all great. But DONE = PAID.

You've either done the work or you haven't!

And it's exactly the same with your body.

No one will care if you get to your holiday and haven't got the body you wanted because you didn't get the workouts in. OR you didn't stick to tracking your food intake (for 5 mins a day).

You've either done the work or you haven't.

Where you blame it on the following or not:

"I'm going to wait until after my birthday"

"I'll start after I've moved house"

"I'm busy with work so I'll get back to it when things settle down"

^^^ And I said that one just last week...

You can wait for "the perfect time". But if the work isn't done YOU WON'T GET CHANGE. Simple as that!

And the consequence?

You don't ditch the gut and get lean. You don't do what you said you would do and you're still frustrated by the lack of results that you're seeing for the time you're putting in.

And the thing is, you shouldn't wait for the perfect time.

Because it doesn't exist.

"Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion" – Parkinson's Law.

Check this >>>>

No matter how busy you are right now with work, if you book a holiday for 2 months time…you will be on the holiday. Work will be sorted and your decorating will be done or put on hold at worst (things could be worse, you could be stuck on Mars).

^^^^ Crazy right? We say we're "too busy" with work to do 40 minutes in the gym a few times per week but can then take a 2 week holiday?

So if you commit to going to the gym once per week, 2 times per week, 3, 4 or even 5 times per week. You write it down. Book it out in your diary. I guarantee you can make time for it.

The key?

It has to fit your LIFESTYLE.

The "secret recipe" doesn't exist. In today's "to-do list" society, we need to do less aiming and MORE DOING!

So you can keep putting things off. Wait for that "perfect" moment


Take action. Make yourself accountable. Write it down. Download the FREE Lean For Life Starter Kit by clicking here. Tell your loved ones. Be the change you want to see.

Because DONE is all that matters…be it for losing belly fat OR being rescued from Mars.

Speak soon,


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