This scared me…

I was chatting to my Grandad’s friend

^^^ His friend is in his late 60’s / 70’s perhaps

Now, his brother has Alzeimer’s

And his brother – himself – know’s he has Alzheimer’s 

Because he used to be a doctor

The scary part?

He said he knows exactly how it’s going to end…

And it really got me thinking…

About the NOW…

Because whether you’re up all night with crying babies…

Rushing around dropping the kids off


Stressing about an email you need to reply to…

I realised that it’s not going to be ANY easier when I’m 60, 70, 80, 90, or 100 (hopefully I make it ;-))

Because  all know exactly how it’s going to end, right?

And the last thing I want when I’m 80, 90, or 100


* ‘I wish’ I spent more time with my family (which is why I’m now nailing my 2017 diary…)

* ‘I wish’ I could have reached more people, developed a more positive relationship with food and – leave a legacy – by helping more people increase their confidence and not feel stressed about what to eat and fear bad foods so they get their social life back 

* ‘I wish’ I would have taken my kid to a pantomime or ‘that’ football game instead of working late

* ‘I wish’ I could have gone swimming WITH my kids rather than shying away

* ‘I wish’ I had the confidence to tell a loved one how much they REALLY meant to me

Because when you’re 90…

The fact is:

You are not going to care about that ‘work email’

That you felt ‘a bit too tired’

That it wasn’t the ‘right time’

You’re only going to remember the regrets of not living in the NOW!

So, on your marks

Get set.


Time to put that ‘New Year, New Me’ stuff into practice

^^^ Especially if you want 2017 to be better than 2016)

And with that in mind, I have to ask you…

What’s your plan?

How are you going to celebrate your body by getting fitter and stronger so you can have more energy?

How are you going to eat the foods you enjoy, spend quality time with family and friends and feel confident about doing the things you WANT to do?

Hopefully, you’ve got this in place. 

But, if not?

I can help you get started:


Write down EXACTLY what you want and WHY

What changes in your life (body, mindset, relationships, sex life, health, energy) if you achieve this THING?

And circle them

Remember that every time you don’t do what you said you would do…

you are essentially saying NO to these things you say you want!

Matt ‘man with a plan’ Fruci

PS. if you’d like to get 2017 off to a strong start

and guarentee a successful finish

Go here:

And I’ll show you how!

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