This is more important than motivation

Most ladies come to me saying they lack motivation.

But quite often it’s not actually motivation that’s the issue.

You see, you probably know WHY

You want to get healthy…

 to make everyday tasks easier, like walking, climbing stairs.

 improve health and reduce risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease

 fit your clothes better

 be less out of breath and feel fit

 feel happier

Whatever it is…

But despite knowing the reasons why…

you still find yourself going back into old habits..

That stop you getting the results you want.

And – for me – this is where energy comes in.

You see, when you feel better and have more energy?

Everything is easier, right?

 Making better food choices.

 patience in traffic

 having the motivation to exercise

Everything is easier…

So how do you protect your energy?

Well, if you don’t take self-care seriously then at some point your body just takes over …

maybe you burnout (I’ve been there)

Get a cold..

Poor sleep..

Lack energy…

Which takes things totally out of your hands.

But If I’m proactive then I’m in control

and it reduces my vulnerability to illness, feeling drained and burning out

It’s why we set you 3 simple habits personalised to you in our 4-Week Kickstart Programme

In the areas of

Food, Fitness, and Focus / Fun…

Which means you prioritise YOU (for once)

And – dare I say it- feel better.

Which is pretty cool..

Especially when you consider that how you feel impacts

What you DO

And what you DO

impacts the results you get.

Now, I can’t say which area of Food, Fitness or Focus is the most important for you right now.

But my advice to you today?

Write a list of 5 things that make you feel happy / you find fun…

And do one of these today.

See how it makes you feel…

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