I feel rubbish today…

I’d by lying to you if I said that I never get up in the morning and think

“I feel like 💩 today…

I could do with a duvet day”

It doesn’t happen often

I can usually clock what it’s telling me:

“I need to spend less time on my phone before bed so I get to bed earlier”

“I need to do more things that make me FEEL GOOD”

“I need to focus on how I WANT TO FEEL rather than how I DON’T WANT TO FEEL”

You see, you get what you focus on…

So if you’re constantly focusing on how you DON’T WANT TO FEEL

You say things like:

“I wish I wasn’t so stressed”

“I hate feeling anxious”

“I want to stop feeling so tired”

Your brain will focus on that…

Now, as happy clappy / unicorn dancing on rainbows, as this sounds…

just consider this:

YOU are in control of how you feel!

Sure, people can say things to you.

Do things you don’t agree with

(like promote skinny coffee and detox weight loss supplements to teenagers )

But how you respond is completely up to you.

You can dwell. Spend your energy stressing about something you CANNOT control

Or decide to put this energy to good use and focus on what you can control…

So, for me, I can spend my life stressing over the nonsense weight loss supplements out there which teach people nothing about habits & simple use celebs to sell them…


I can just use this energy to write and share what really works every, single day…

And help people FEEL better about themselves, make better decisions about their eating and exercise habits, and -dare I say it – enjoy this exercise and fitness stuff

After all, it’s supposed to compliment your life

NOT complicate it.

And if you feel better?

Everything is easier.

The never ending ‘to do’ list becomes more manageable.

The aches and pain you have get better.

The willpower in the evenings gets better.

You feel more in control.

A sense that YOU CAN DO THIS.

Matt “feels like 💩” Fruci

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