This is better than any diet or exercise for weight loss

Let’s face it, most of us know pretty much what to do when it comes to eating healthy and fitness.

But the main issue why we don’t do the things we need to do?


(get this right, you get more time)..

But how do you get more energy?

I mean, when I’m lacking sleep, perhaps been up with baby…if someone just says ‘go to be earlier’ ?

It pi55es me off..

After all, I might start at 5am and work late. Working with the ladies in our Body Transformation Programme on an evening. Doing Live question and answer sessions until 930pm.

Do you think I can really get to sleep if I went straight to bed? I’d literally be sat there, brain racing, annoyed at myself for not going straight to sleep..with tons of ideas…

Even though I know that sleep helps improve my recovery, energy, productivity, blood sugar levels, health, hunger levels, food choices, mood, motivation to exercise…

And you could look at similarities between your life (being on the go, busy, work, fitting everything in) and how an athlete stays on track to perform.

How do they finish a football game at 10pm, travel home and get up the next day to go again and perform at such a high level? 

Well, here’s something that a sleep coach (Nick Littleshales) who’s worked with the likes of Team Sky, Ronaldo, Gareth Bale ( I could go on), has said:

“You need 35 sleep cycles in a week. 90 minutes is how we measure sleep cycles. Five a day gives you 7.5 hours. That can be three or four back-to-back and then a nap. You are just aiming for five cycles per day, on average.”

And you know what? The way he put that makes it soooo much more manageable to do.

This has literally transformed my energy, to extent where I’ve gone from drinking 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day to one, if any…

I ‘aim’ to nap for 30 minutes a day, no matter what time. Even if  I don’t fall to sleep. It re-energises me. Try the Headspace app. Deep breathing.

and I know what you’re thinking. You don’t have time.

So, here’s a few things you could do:

* Look at the things you are doing at look what REALLY needs to get done

* Look at what you’re asking of yourself. Do you just have a ‘to do’ list that is so big you don’t know what the priority is?

* Is the reason we don’t have a nap because we tell ourselves we’re too busy? Even though at the time where we say we are busy, we just mess around being unproductive because we are so tired?

* Get some help with your fitness and nutrition so you don’t have to try and figure everything out yourself (like what’s healthy, what to eat, what the best exercise is, whether you have to give up carbs etc…)

I’ll be honest, it’s literally been the hardest thing for me to do. Prioritise putting ‘nap’ / ‘break’ into my routine…

As I think I’m missing out on work time (even though this would be time spent drinking coffee, being tired and not getting anything done)…

But it’s a KEY part of losing fat, getting health, fit and having more energy.

So start with breaking it down into sleep cycles, Even if you start by putting 10 minutes today in your diary to shut your eyes and have some time off (set your alarms just in case you do fall to sleep)

And I’ll leave you with this quote from the sleep coach himself:

“What we do isn’t just for sportsmen it is for everyone. We all have to take our recovery seriously. There is so much we can all do to improve our lives. Footballers have benefitted from such simple changes, now we have a job to do to get the message out to everyone.”

Matt ‘put yourself first’ Fruci

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