They asked me how I did it

Rewind a good few years

I’m on a family holiday in Gran Canaria with the – now- wife’s family

Me and the -now- brother in law had just finished our mountain of food at the hotel buffet

And nipped to the loo

Now, even though we were in a family hotel…and I was with my wife

It didn’t stop me and my brother in law being asked out on a date…

By two guys…

I can’t blame them, though ​

Because me and the brother-in-law were guilty of rubbing sun cream on each other’s backs

And going for slow, romantic strolls in the sand dunes

But on this holiday, me and the wife met a couple

They spoke about how they look at other couples and judge who’s punching above their weight

Fun game, actually

Or at least it was…

Until I was told I was punching above my weight 😂

So how did I do it, you ask?




I never gave up

We’d known each other since we were about 3 years old…

We met in sunny Cornwall

And I started putting the work in from then

Dazzling her with award winning sand castles

Placing 1st and represent Team GB in the egg and spoon race

And – my claim to fame – winning best fancy dress (I was Aladdin) 

I just didn’t take no for an answer

Because you only “fail” when you give up

And as soon as you drop the “strong-weak”, “good-bad”, “all or nothing” mentality

You realise that a lapse or setback does NOT spell DOOM

But rather.

It’s simply a reminder that you’re an unfinished human being 

And a clue to how you can do better next time

Which is exactly what we do in Fat Loss Mastery

Matt “egg and spoon gold medalist” Fruci

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