Don’t invest in me

And definitely don’t click the link at the bottom of this email


Because there’s no need to invest in me

Or any personal trainer

^^^ or even any physio, plumber, electrician, David Guetta, or rock DJ for that matter

You don’t need them

In fact, here’s a little secret for you

You can find all the information you need FOR FREE

on the internet

^^^ Damn, I’ve just put myself out of work…and all the physios, electricians, David Guetta, and Rock DJ’s

But there’s one problem with this

you see, even though you love free stuff

^^^ I’m two coffees away from a free Cafe Nero 😉

You don’t value it

It becomes worthless

You jump to the next freebie

and nothing changes

And I say this as I has an enquiry a few weeks back

I told her about how you get:

* Up to 5 fun, simple (yet effective) and fully-coached female-only workouts every week that you’ll help you ditch the baggy clothes for summer (and you won’t even need to set foot in a gym) 

* My ‘tone up’ blueprint where you’ll discover how to ditch the baggy clothes in a safe, effective way without starving yourself or the need for crazy, expensive supplements (So you can eat together as a family)

* An ‘all access’ pass to our private inner circle and nutrition system (with over 1000 recipes and meal ideas for your plan) where I’ll support you and keep you accountable

* Elite level mindset coaching so that you can finally breakthrough stubborn periods of fat loss and get your pre baby body back (even if your ‘baby’ is now at school, university, or married with kids)

* 24 / 7 support in our private, supportive group of positive, like-minded ladies who are COMMITTED to real results

* 100% guaranteed results (or your money back) if you do everything I say and report back to me every week with your battle plans

And all for an investment that works out at less than £3 per day (the same as my Cafe Nero coffee)

She replied: if it was £20 per month she might have ‘done business with me’

and I respect this, I really do

But – you see – I guarantee you results if you are committed and do the work

which means I have to invest (as I am this weekend…close to £500 on a course in Newcastle…)

And keep up my accreditation as a Registered Nutritionist (as opposed to a self-proclaimed nutrition guru)

So anyway, I tried to think of other things I could recommend for £20 per month that offer all the above…

Maybe another personal trainer (who’ll probably charge double that an hour)

But struggled miserably.

And recommended a gym membership (little did I know they had a signing on fee…so it worked out that they would pay more and get less….)

But you know all too well that gyms are not for everyone

Just like the ‘free stuff’

Maybe you need something different?

More accountability?

Something you value?

And the results you get?

Well, just check out some of the ladies transformation here:

And this message I got just the other week from a body transformation member:

“I thoroughly enjoyed today too.


You are a very talented teacher and I have had a few (sadly only a few!) really great trainers/teachers in my life.

What effort you are getting from me is a product of your talent. Thank you so much.”

And I’ll leave you with this question…

What’s the cost of not doing it? Not just financially, but emotionally? Confidence, productivity, sleep, relationships?

Matt ‘Rock DJ’ Fruci

PS. If you are seriously ready to accelerate your energy, level up your sleep and ditch the baggy clothes for good…

Go here:​​​


Applications close next week​​

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