Gluten free diets cause Type 2 diabetes…

That was the ‘subject’ line in an email I got from a member on my body transformation programme last week

She know’s I’ve got an allergy to wheat so I personally follow a gluten-free diet

^^^ Or I spend half my day on the loo, suffering from migraines, feeling sleeping, and trying to cover up my spots with my wife’s make up (YES, I’m guilty of this…)

But all this ‘panic’ about gluten-free diets ‘causing’ diabetes came from a Daily Mail article

Which – to it’s credit – wasn’t actually too bad

They looked at food diaries from people to and tried to relate this to the number of people who had diabetes

The researchers found that lower levels of gluten in a diet were associated with a 13% increased risk of diabetes

Now, before we stuff ourselves with bread, pasta, and Coco Pops…

It’s important to consider that we don’t know whether these people on a low-gluten diet are more likely to:

* Eat fewer veggiess

* Smoke

* Not exercise

* Be stressed out

* Be genetically predisposed ​​


You see, the researchers said that a low gluten diet

^^^ Like the ones being promoted by Victoria Beckham

Could mean that you ditch your wholegrains and -thus- eat less fibre (which we know can be good for your health and weight loss)

^^^ Side note: Too much fibre can be horrendous for some people with gut issues and irritable bowels….like me!

But is there a ‘better’ way to eat a gluten free diet?

Well, potentially yes

I mean, you also get fibre from:

* Beans

* Veggies

* Fruit

* Nuts

* gluten free products like oats

Which are all gluten-free…

My point?

Providing you’re eating an 80% wholesome, balanced diet full of veggies, fruits, quality proteins and good fats

^^^ that are portioned to keep your body fat levels down

You’re probably going to be fine :-)​​​

Because in actual fact

One of the biggest causes of Type 2 diabetes is excess body fat around the midsection

And this is why my simple nutrition system gives you over 1000 recipes and meal ideas that can be adapted for your needs and preferences

^^^^ Be it gluten free, vegan, dairy free…or EXTRA GLUTEN 🙂

Because the best diet in the world is the one you do…

Matt ‘Glutened out’ Fruci​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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