These two words (this might surprise you)

There’s two words that when

I use?

I know I am about to tell a ‘story’

Maybe a story of why I don’t do the things I know I need to do

Maybe because I am scared of failing

What others think

Burnt out

Feel out of control

Whatever it is…

These two words?




You know..

I can’t exercise today ‘because’ I have to look after the babies…

I’ll start tomorrow ‘because ‘there are biscuits in the office..

I would exercise tonight ‘but’ I need to finish these emails

I would exercise ‘but’ I don’t have time…

I would say yes to this speaking event ‘but’ I’m not sure I’m smart enough to do it 

And the result?

We conclude that ‘it won’t work for me

I’m guilty of all of these…

But the thing is..

The moment you go into this mode of

Looking for reasons it won’t work…

You have already lost.

You are programming your brain to look for EVIDENCE on why you MAY not be able to do it..

So it is no wonder that we struggle with fear..

That it becomes overwhelming..

We don’t back ourselves. 

And I would urge you to be more aware of how you talk to yourself and the language you use

Because the only thing that is stopping you

Is what goes on inbetween your ears…

But my point today is that

Whenever you find yourself saying





Is it actually true?

Like 100% true?

Or is it a story based on 

What you think you should do?

Your current habits?


Question them, daily…

And don’t believe everything you think

Matt ‘two words’ Fruci

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