Don’t tell your other half – meal plan

For me?

there is nothing worse than being stuck in a conversation about

the ending of Game of Thrones..

Especially considering I didn’t even watch it…

(despite Mrs Fruci being a number one fun)

I mean, I tried…

I really did..

I even watched a youtube video explaining what the hell went on…

(Well, I was forced to by Mrs Fruci)

I think I would rather go out on a shopping date to a busy Primark…

And that’s saying something…

What’s interesting though is that when a Game of Thrones fan meets another

Game of Thrones fan..

You have to mentally prepare for the situation… 

You know what’s coming haha

Now think about this situation, but in relation to your health 

Sometimes there is nothing more exhausting or tiring 

Than having to motivate yourself for a workout 

Can you relate to those painful situations ?

where you know you should do it?

But just don’t?

You struggle to get up and go..

And when you get home?

You’re knackered..

Then you’re told to have a plan for the week… 

To schedule your meals and workouts …

(just like you do with your weekly events and social events)

Sometimes there is nothing more exhausting or tiring 

Than having to track points, syns, calories and think about food all day…

But guess what, just like a conversation about Game of Thrones that I know I just need to get through… 

Something I do is think of a situation

Where I have done something I don’t really want to do..

Take an exam

Do a public speaking event (which I used to hate but after doing time and time love)

Watch Love Island 

Go to Primark

Try to watch Game of Thrones…

And then consider the resilience and discipline I used here…

And ask:

Can I have that same resilience when it comes to prioritising YOU..

(which you should NEVER stop doing)

But instead of you having to do all of this yourself..

As I get it’s difficult to know what and where to start..

I have your back with my

FREE 7 Day Done For You Meal Plan

To give you inspiration of healthy, delicious meals

Understand which foods might work better for you

And save you time

So you have more time to do the things you want to do.. 

Helping you build the fundamental to a better, healthier life 

CLICK HERE TO GET IT (NOTE: You will have to click ‘continue to website’ to view if you don’t have the app)



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