The wife locked me out for this…

I opened the back door and left it open for the dog to do her business in the garden as I went to load my car full of nutrition plans, boxing gloves, and food (never forget that one…) ready for the day.

It was dark, rainy and strangely mild

Anyway, as I’m out the back sorting my car out

The wife notices the back door is wide open

Not knowing that I’m actually just sorting my car out and haven’t left yet

^^^ Or maybe she did know…

She locks the back door.

I walk back through the gate and notice the door is shut.

It was either that cheeky little dog (who was still exasperated after only being left with what can only be described as a fun-size portion of crispy chicken skin for her late night snack the night before)


The wife was just letting me know what she really thought of the spicy, finger lickin’ chicken wings and chips I cooked up for tea the night before

Because I was locked out.

The dogs cuddled up on the sofa…staring at me with her cheeky puppy eyes

As I bang the back door PRAYING that the wife hasn’t left yet and locked me out.

You should have seen me.

I was stressing like I was watching the Panto, Dick Whittington, and ended up seeing Stacey Soloman as Fairy Bowbells reading a script from a clipboard…

BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG (me knocking the door)

The dog’s now barking, doing everything she can to open the door 

^^ Just jumping up and down

And then…

The wife walks round

Wondering who the hell is trying to break in to her home

Only to find her stressed out husband

^^^ Which put me in even further in the dog house

My point?

Well, how much energy do you waste on life’s first world problems?


‘Where did you put my top?’

‘I don’t have anything to wear’

‘Why isn’t the internet working?’

‘Why is Donald Trump president?’

^^^ Oh wait…

‘Why are the bins not taken out?’

‘I don’t know what to cook for dinner’

And all this causes STRESS.

Takes your energy

Drains your willpower

And leaves reaching for the biscuit tin to get the sugary instant ‘pick me up’ that -at the time- makes you feel like it’s all OK.


Takes you further away from feeling sexy in your favourite clothes

And leaves you feeling guilty about what you’ve just done to the Quality Street tin (lucky they’re on 3 for 2 at Tesco…Whilst stocks last)

Which is exactly why I’ve made things SUPER simple for you in my proven Fit For Life Body Transformation programme

So you can stress less about what and when to eat

Be a bit more jolly with your friends and family 

And feel more confident in your head-turning Christmas frock

Applications close tonight at 730pm.

Go here to apply:

Matt ‘Fairy Bowbells’ Fruci

PS. I message I got from a Fit For Life Body Transformation member last week:

“I went into SOFTPLAY with my nephew and got through some static spinning things . 

I would NEVER have done that”

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