The Top 4 WORST Diet Trends For 2017…

They'll probably promise you rapid weight loss

Tell you that the only way to ditch your love handles for good is by giving up your favourite foods

^^^ Yes, that does mean your wine and lattes

They'll probably also tell you to do some sort of 'detox' to clean out your insides (very scientific, I know)

^^^ You know the ones where you blend kale and drink 'magic' potions also known as 'tea' for a week?

And I'm all for rapid fat loss providing you have an after-after plan to stop you piling it back on it again


I'm I'm here to tell you that going on detox diets and banning your favourite foods is definitely not the case when trying to ditch the baggy clothes for good

And here's why:

1) As soon as you start 'eating again' pile the weight back on

2) There's no education so you don't know WHY you are losing weight -

And rather than being flexible with your diet and enjoying putting a little life into living from time to time...

You restrict, restrict a bit more, binge, blame yourself...

And it's diet starts MONDAY...

3) As long as you have a liver, lungs and kidneys...

Then you have everything you need to get rid of any 'toxins' that the 'detox' diet is promising you.

Now, as promised, here's the top 4 WORST diet trends for 2017:

1) The potato diet (just said this in Keith Lemon's accent...which happens to be similar to my wife's accent...) -

Here's a sample:

Day 1:

Breakfast: One boiled potato without any salt added and one glass of yogurt

Lunch: Two boiled potatoes without any salt added and one glass of yogurt

Dinner: Two glasses of yogurt

Day 2:

Breakfast: One glass of yogurt

Lunch: Two boiled potatoes without any salt added and one glass of yogurt

Dinner: One boiled potato without any salt added and one glass of yogurt

And this is gives you about 450 calories per day...

^^^ of which most of it is from carbs (the only nutrient that is actually NON-essential to get from your diet, believe it or not)

The funniest part?

And I quote:

"The yoghurt regulates the work of the digestive system, removing the extra water and the toxins from the body."

And I'm all for yoghurt.

But where's the evidence, Dr Google?

2) The 'Green' stuff -

I mean juicing, here.

Now, I'm all for getting more greens in your diet.

I, and many members on my body transformation programmes, actually use smoothies quite a bit

But just because it's green or has a bit of fruit and veg in it...

It doesn't mean that

a) it tastes good..


b) it will help you lose weight

In fact, drinking your calories can be a great way to GAIN weight.

Ask yourself, how full would you feel if you ATE a banana, a yoghurt, 100 g of berries, and a salad with a pint of water compared to if you just blended it all up and drank it?

3) Clean -

And by this...

I mean 'clean eating'

Not vacuuming or dusting

Now, my rule of 80 / 20 promotes a lot of what this type of eating actually suggests.

Wholesome, one-ingredient foods that nourish your body so you can have more energy to do the things you want to do in your day and be more productive whilst STILL losing weight...


Here's where I've made mistakes in the past....

Not allowing ANY flexibility on my diet.

You see, I have a wheat allergy so excluding this food is a given for my health.

But this doesn't mean that EVERYONE with a pulse should give up bread.

In fact, I have many members on my body transformation programmes who thrive off of cream cheese and salmon bagels!

^^^ And I'm just plain jealous...

You see, I empower you to make better-informed choices about your food intake so that you have more energy and sleep better.

By promoting 80% wholesome foods

and 20% Rocky Roads, wines, and lattes 😉



a) You crave what you can't have, end up binging and pile the weight back on


b) Life is for living and I want to you have a positive relationship with food that allows you to enjoy your food at social situations and feel more confident in your favourite clothes

3) Diet pills -

How do these REALLY work?

a) They're endorsed by Kim Kardashian which means they work, obvs...

b) They're FULL of caffeine which blunts your hunger

c) The PLACEBO effect - people told that they were given a new magic pill reported having great workouts and feeling amazing...little did they know that they just received a pill with a finger-tip of of sugar in it...

^^^ you see, the mind is a very powerful thing.

4) The banana diet -

For the next three to four days eat 3 bananas each day combining them with 3-4 cups of low fat milk

^^^ Like the potato's a fancy way to get you to eat 500-odd calories a day and give up on your favourite foods

Stay safe and consider this:

* What does food mean to you?

Energy? Need for life? Of course.


Food is used to bring us all together, right?

Christmas, birthdays, weekends...FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!

And your social life is a HUGE part of your health.

^^^ After all, wine drinkers do live longer 😉

And all this is exactly why I promote a nutritional strategy that is super simple and convenient for you.

Empowering YOU to have the knowledge and freedom to know what and when to eat for you lifestyle so you can have more energy, enjoy your food and keep the weight off once and for all.

I mean, YES, you will have to make some sacrifices at times when trying to lose weight and keep it off.

It isn't all sunshine and rainbows

But when you're feeling flawless in your new dress at the party and STILL enjoying your prosecco and cake

The feeling you get when all your friends and family are asking you how you did it (whilst you have a prosecco in your hand and NOT a kale smoothie...)

Will be well worth it!


PS. Discover the 7 must do habits of busy Wiltshire mums who've ditched the baggy clothes for good, without spending hours in a gym or giving up Prosecco >>>

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