Can you blame your genes for the love handles?

I mean, I’ll recall my typical Christmas growing up.

and in true Italian style…

You had Nonna bringing layer upon layer of soft buttery pasta filled with juicy tomatoes and ground meat all mixed with melted mozzarella and topped with parmesan 

^^^ Leaving a luscious mountain of melting tomatoey, cheesey and meaty lasagna drowning in my mouth

Aunty making the fluffy, yet creamy, chocolatey and often ‘capable of getting you drunk’ Tiramisu 

Not to mention the traditional Roast Turkey

Soup for starters

Chicken fried in breadcrumbs 

Arancini (basically rice, cheese, and meat deep fat fried)


Cream coffees

And, of course, Christmas cake

and then more cake…

So, can I blame genetics for my now HUUUGGEE appetite and tendency to finish EVERYTHING on my plate

Or is it the fact I grew up in an environment where not eating 5 plates of pasta meant you didn’t like Nonna’s pasta

^^^ ‘and I won’taaa bother next time. You can eata’ out at the pub.’ <<< Italian accent

For the Fruci nose?

Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s down to genetics.

But what about…

The spare tyre?

Your love of Ginger Bread men?

The larger plates you use?

Your lack of sleep which makes you hungry and handle carbs less well?

You see, genetics is probably the future of nutrition.

Telling you what you need to eat based on your DNA

But right now all these provide you with are snapshots. 

and just as I’ve explained before about your gut and how your bacteria in there are linked to many diseases, hunger, weight loss and how many calories you potentially absorb from food


And can be changed by different types of diets and even exercise habits. 

You see, I have a different relationship with food now than I did growing up. 

The types and amounts of foods I eat are different. 

And although a ‘snapshot’ of your DNA may tell you that you handle carbs better or worse…

or that you have to do higher intensity exercise to lose weight and ditch the love handles


Remember that:

1) You are always changing (you might have just had a great day that day)

2) Your genes are like the cards you’re dealt with.

I could get the best hand in poker

Yet, because I have no idea how to play…

I won’t win. 

In another words, your Finding Dory toy that sings all day is does nothing without the batteries (tip if you want a quieter Christmas Day ;-))

My point is that without the machinery, it won’t work.

And YOU are the machinery in all this diet and weight loss stuff.

Which is why – right now- based on the science 


My experience of helping others lose weight, keep it off and feel more confident in their favourite clothes.

The best diet in the world is the one you can do.

Which is exactly why I make things SUPER simple for you 

Matt ‘reliving the luscious mountain of melting tomatoey, cheesey and meaty lasagna’ Fruci

PS. Applications for my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme close tomorrow at 730pm

Apply here:

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