The truth about superfoods

They’re all around us


You’ve got garlic claiming to lower your cholesterol

^^^ Unfortunately, you’d have to eat around 28 cloves of garlic a day to match the doses used in the research studies


Goji berries (They sadly passed away in 2016 RIP the goji!)


Green tea

^^^ I remember Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Billy, saying to me that she used to drink her green tea and think she’d lose weight… Reality is, the antioxidants in black tea and green tea are pretty much the same. 


I could go on.

My point is that we THINK we know what superfoods are


But do we?


I remember just before starting university in Loughborough

Thinking that all carbs were bad

But oats, brown rice, brown bread, fruit and wholemeal pasta were super and good for me


So there I was eating oats, brown bread, fruit and pasta…thinking that carbs were bad

^^^ Yep, oats, brown bread, fruit and pasta ARE carbs :-)))


And I was confused because of the banishing and ‘super’ labels you see on foods


To be fair to ‘superfoods’


They’re usually called ‘super’ because they contain antioxidants


And we know that antioxdiants may help to fight off diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer


But focussing on ONE food in isolation


Probably isnt going to do much for your waistline and health


You need to get away from ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods.


Because it can make you develop a negative relationship with food


^^^ As I experienced growing up


You’re after scientifically backed advice to enhance your life, right?


And enhancing your life DOES involve having a social life where you can enjoy yourself by making better decisions across the day (Which I’ve talked about before)


But the fact that ‘superfood’ was banned on packaging in 2007, says it all. 


Now first off…


Eating kale, blueberries, spinach, tomatoes, herbs etc.


Are all going to help you lose weight and maybe feel better 




They’re full of fibre which fills you up


They’re full of nutrients like iron, calcium and other vitamins and minerals that boost your immune system


They fill your plate making you feel fuller

I could go on.


But this has to be in the context of a balanced diet


You see, some people may define superfoods as ‘unprocessed’ foods


But what is ‘unprocessed’?

Are frozen berries processed? Technically, yes


But they may actually be more nutritious as they’re frozen when picked so they have less time to ‘oxidise’ and lose nutrients

In my opinion –and the opinion many ladies and gents in white coats – the problem comes from processed foods with minimal fibre





Ice cream

You get the drift(er)

And I’m not saying that you shouldn’t eat these at all


But my 80/20 rules comes into play here


80% whole foods with the fibre


And 20% processed junk


I’m not here to lie to you

I’m here to tell you what will help you lose weight, have more energy, and feel more confident in your favourite clothes whilst sipping your prosecco!

You see, these processed foods with minimal fibre make you eat more and more

^^^ At least Dr Kellogg’s fortifies his cereal with some vitamins…


So you eat more and more (which is exactly what the food manufacturers want you to do).


Get the sugar, salt, and fat in the right quantities and you will literally do everything I say (that sounded weird, didn’t it…)


Then they’ll make it look pretty (and we all know you eat with your eyes and not your belly…)


And it’s probably why after eating a tub of pringles, I would keep eating if someone popped open another one


Unlike if someone brought me out ANOTHER steak…I’d be more likely to save it for later. 


But there’s more


You see, the worrying thing for me is when you go into, say, Waitrose, for your meal deal

Which I’ll talk more about tomorrow.

Matt ‘RIP Goji’s’ Fruci

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So if you’re ready to stop wasting time and money on superfoods​​​​ and learn how to build the SUPER diet that works for your lifestyle so you can stick to it, lose weight, keep it off and helps you enjoy your food again…

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