The slow road OR the faster, Rocky Road?

It's a Rocky Road, this weight loss stuff.

I’ll be honest with you. It’s not always easy, especially when you're being told that butter is bad one minute and good the next.

Unless - of course - you decide to swap the slow, frustrating road for the FASTER, ‘Rocky Road’...By building a healthy eating plan that you can stick to even on your worst day and CHOOSE to enjoy the many WINs..every, single day

^^^ Where you throw away your baggy clothes and get comments from the hubby about the tone on the back of your arms...

Which is just one of the simple little habits I'll be showing you in my ​FREE online training event HERE

But speaking of the FAST Rocky Road ahead for us all

I’ve got a ‘no bake’ Rocky Road recipe for you.

Which is a bit of treat, if I’m honest.

I use it myself along with many members using my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System have used it to:

* Satisfy your sweet tooth (although you might want to be careful with this if it triggers you..although the video below does give you tips to help control this)

* Impress guests..especially now it's Easter

* Something to look forward to on an evening that stops you eating out of a packet (or getting the £1 chocolate bar on your way home...)

And per square..

This provides FEWER calories than ONE serving of ‘healthy’ seeds from the ‘healthy’ checkouts (controversial, I know...)

And I’m not knocking seeds, at all. But as a member in my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System mentioned last week:

‘”I’d be more likely to overeat on the seeds and nuts because you feel like they’re healthy and innocent”

Anyway, have you got your ticket yet for my FREE ONLINE Training Event:

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This outrageous/ ridiculous / hopefully amazing FREE event is my way of saying thanks for following me, and also I just don’t want “the time isn't right” to be the reason you dive into another fad diet that leaves you blaming willpower...

I know my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System can help you get back into your old jeans, take control of your sugar cravings, increase your energy, and feel and look amazing (you can check out some of the results that other amazing ladies have achieved here (and I'm on a mission to help 1200 more ladies this year ditch the fad diets):

So to help me do this I thought I'd let you see what I do for yourself

See for yourself and get your free ticket here:

Matt ‘Great British NO Bake Off Winner 2018’ Fruci
Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Ladies Tone Up And Level Up Their Energy Levels Without Giving Up Marshmallows Or Spending Hours Workout Out

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