I ate the sandwich even though I wasn’t hungry. Why?

"It's all gone, I'm afraid'

^^^ The response I got when the other day when I was exhibiting at the Women In Business Conference at Bowood House and asked about the Gluten Free lunch I ordered

But to my delight: 'There's chicken kebabs here', she said 

Even better, I thought. Healthy, nutritious and there loads of them!

It's safe to say, I was stuffed.

Especially as I'd just had a few slices of my Rocky Road cake the I bought in (which the organise of the Women In Business Conference polished off with 4 pieces lol)

But then something happened which reminded me of WHY it's so hard to lose weight relying on willpower....

"We've got you some gluten free sandwiches, sir'" The lovely lady said to me, holding the tray of freshly made smoked salmon, cream cheese, and egg sandwiches. 

And - almost - automatically, I reached out, took 2 smoked salmon sandwiches and 2 eggs sandwiches...and ATE THEM.

Even though I was stuffed. 

And it got me thinking just how AUTOMATIC your actions are. I mean, there's the issue of wanting to be polite. There's the supermarkets taunting us with Easter eggs in every isle (even making avocados look like Easter eggs haha)...

But what I want to ask you is what can YOU do today?

Well, the good news is that you can start by altering your kitchen with this 3 step test:

1) Is the ONLY thing out on the kitchen side a fruit bowl (with fruit in it and not a Mars bar...as mine was the other day)?

2) Do you have already chopped veggies (maybe carrot sticks / celery / pepper / tomato) at eye level in the fridge?

3) Do you have all of your snacky foods in one cupboard?

Give yourself ONE point for each one you do.

How did you score?

Speak soon,


PS. I'll be sharing the Rocky Road recipe with you tomorrow.

PPS. if you didn't get in on the last free trial I'll be running for a while, don't worry as I've also got something you might like tomorrow.

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