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The fear of looking silly

If you have followed me for a while

You’ll know it took me a while to get over my fear of public speaking…

Red in the face, dry mouth, shaking..

^^ this is what happened when I kept avoiding it until I could no longer do this during my postgraduate research at Loughborough University 

It was only when a Professor asked me what I wanted to do…

That it hit home…

Just how pointless what I was doing was

If I couldn’t get over my fear of ‘looking silly’ <<< that is essentially all it is, no matter how I wrap it up.

So yesterday, 3 things happened:

  1. Someone commented on a video I did saying ‘bad video’ << that was it
  1. 36 people like my video and got tons of comments saying: 

“the best place to be at – “Fruci Fit” – if you want to get your life back. Highly Recommend.” 


“It’s brilliant. Can’t recommend enough” 


“I’ve now hit 2 stone weight loss and 14 inches. Very happy with that.

It’s now automatic get up, drink water, watch your chat, work out. 

Really enjoying it and making new Fruci Fit friends with some of the members, lovely to keep each other going. “


I could go on…

  1. I still focussed on that one negative…it doesn’t really impact me anymore, but it was still there. What must they be going through? Are they struggling? Should I try to help them? Are they bored?
  1. I spoke to someone yesterday who was very anxious about starting  the Kickstart programme yesterday and was very anxious about starting..

Why anxious?

Worried she can use the technology? 

Worried what others will think if she ‘starts another diet’

Worried she will be fit enough..

Worried she can keep up..

Worried she won’t have the motivation to do it at home…

Worried she won’t have the space or equipment to do it at home…


A lot of these actually came back to the fear of looking silly to others..

And I get it..

But here’s what I do when I am in that situation..

I ask this question:

“are my insecurities more important than the people I could possibly inspire and help?”

Because who benefits (including you) if you are 







What changes?

And we went through all of these in our one to one call.

That’s what it is there for

So you are not just left with an app

Or a video..

And expected to get on with it.

Starting a habit is hard.

There is often no immediate gratification…

And no immediate results.

(whereas there is a ton of immediate gratification in eating cake and crisps and drinking wine…)

So this is why we front load the accountability. 

Check ins.

One to ones.

Because once the habit get’s going?

It is EASIER to maintain ..

A bit like me and my public speaking and my daily videos. 

I did one here on this: