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3 Common Exercise Mistakes

Whether you’ve been to a gym before or not, I want to talk today about some of the 3 most common exercise mistakes I hear from working with thousands of women looking to get fit and lose some weight…

And it’s why one of the most important things I like to get across in in the 28 Day Kickstart (replay with ’28 Day’ if you’d like more info by the way) is:

  1. just how important your diet is IF you are looking for FAT LOSS.
  2. How exercise provides SOOOOO MUCH MORE BENEFIT than just simply ‘burning calories’

Which brings me to the 3 most common exercise mistakes I see:

1) You try to out exercise a bad diet – 

This is even more relevant to the 28 Day Kickstart as it’s created so that the exercise is merely the scarf on your snowman / icing on the cake

 (where is the snow by the way? I see cake everywhere, but no snow…)

It’s created that you CAN fit it to your lifestyle

Start by doing even 1, 5 or 10 minutes a day..

And front loading accountability to make sure you do it. 

As it is ALWAYS harder to start than maintain. 

Make it simple..


And when you get it done?

That is where you get the results you want.

Whether that is because you flood your brain with endorphins and make better choices in other areas with your food? 

Or whether that is because it is achievable and easy to fit in to your day

So you do it more often…

Because guess what?

The ladies may complain I can’t count during the workouts, but I know for sure

That just 5 minutes a day is 35 minutes a week…

And If I said to you may people today “ could you do 35 minutes today?”

They would say “I don’t have time”…

But for 5 minutes?

If it is was important enough..

We all could..


Could you just follow nutrition alone and lose fat?


Would I recommend it?




  • Endorphins
  • Muscle and tone (helps you change your body shape)
  • Can help with hunger
  • Feeling stronger
  • Bone density
  • Confidence 
  • Disease risk: Diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular 
  • Mental health

I could go on…

2) You’ve done it before and it didn’t work for you –

The mistake here is not using the right technique and muscles to help you shape your body how you want it to look. 

Obviously, not only does this mean you don’t get injured, but it will also mean that you get fitter, level up your energy and make every day tasks easier. 

Again, this is something I am big on in 28 Day Kickstart (hence why you just simply follow us doing the workouts and if you need extra help? You can turn your video on and we can go through this with you)  

The last thing you want to do in January is start a new diet and exercise programme and get injured. 

It’s why after our one to one in the 28 Day Kickstart,

Your first workout simple depends on where you are at right now so you build confidence, and start your journey without jumping straight in at the deep end.

3) You think you have to wear lycra and leave your workout dripping with sweat –

What you have the option to do in the 28 Day Kickstart (and something I go over) is have different types of workouts

From barre, pilates, yoga, No Floor, stretch, Back to Basics, and Tai Chi to muscle strengthening, cardio, high intensity, Dance and Beat Fit, and Boxing

So we can have more recovery based workouts some days and other days you do a bit more challenging work.

This ensures you can RECOVER. 

It’s the same with your nutrition, too.

It’s not simply ‘here’s a diet and exercise plan’

It’s tweaked to:

a) Help it stay fun so you stick to it and stay motivated

B) Varied so you actually look forward to your workouts and allow for the recovery AKA the magic to happen to help you shape your body

I hope you found this helpful.

And if a more scientific, personalised approach to this diet and weight loss stuff sounds good to you?

Well here’s my little summary of a recent research paper that came out…

Of 280, 605 adults across Europe..

Only ¼ did any muscle strengthening exercise …

Which is crazy considering the addition of muscle strengthening exercise was associated with lower obesity..

And also how muscle it protective for risk of falls, diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and simply makes every day tasks easier, like getting to the floor and climbing stairs, and helps us fit our clothes better…


I get there are so many workouts out there 

But there is nothing like a live workout..

And if you’d like to come in a and try a workout tomorrow morning (Friday) with me at 715am

Where we will be doing a low impact, upper body workout where – if you choose to – I can help you with your form and technique.

Just send me a message and I’ll get you the details for tomorrow ☺