Is struggling to lose weight actually a choice?

I couldn’t help but notice this

Me and the wife are sitting down eating our dinner (when baby has settled that is…sometimes 2 hours later than planned…)

She’s eating slowly

Chewing her food

Taking sips of her elderflower squash (full of sugar, I know)

And I’m there wolfing it down 

Eyeing up the leftovers

But where do these HABITS all come from?

And this brings me to the question:

Is being overweight a choice?

Is it based on your genetics?

Is it based on your environment? 

Think about how the following could impact this:

* You were told to finish your plate because there are loads of starving people out there

* You were bullied and saw food as a reward growing up

* You were brought up where 3 course meals were the norm and you ate in front of the TV

* You ate around a table as a family

* Your parents would get up and walk the dogs / go to the gym / go for a run / exercise

* Your parents would watch TV and snack

* You would always have takeaways after school or sport

Can you see where I’m going with this?

It’s simply not a case of laziness

There’s genetics, yes.

But also…


Your ‘thoughts’

^^^ Justified by the beliefs and actions of those around you  

That CONTROL what you have always done

^^^ And often explain why you fail

Now, what IS your choice…

Is what you do about it now

Acknowledging that:

* These are just ‘thoughts’ 

* Being ‘full’ and ‘having enough’ are not the same thing (harder said than done, I know) and are actually based on your environment and WHAT you eat

* Setting yourself up to lose weight, having more energy and feeling more confident in your favourite clothes is based on doing the basics (some planning and some cooking)

* Small changes (or low hanging fruit)  are the best places to start….

For example:

1) Make your drinks calorie FREE – diet drinks, sugar free squash, tea, coffee (use Stevia instead of sugar), water (protein shakes are an exception…some great research on them helping you lose weight)

2) Start standing more, walking, and lifting…and no, you don’t mean with expensive gym equipment. Even your body will do (and maybe a tin of baked beans)

3) Starting to make more meals from scratch (it will actually reduce your shopping bill, as well as your waistline…it will also save you time if you follow my simple to use Nutrition System)

Because before you know it

You’ll already be a few pounds down

Your confidence will increase

Momentums builds

You’ll make more improvements

Based on these NEW beliefs that PROVE you CAN do it

And you’ll be fitting back into your favourite clothes (without really ‘dieting’) before you know it

Which is exactly what we do in Female Fat Loss Mastery 

Matt ‘your choice’ Fruci

PS. Applications close tomorrow at 730pm for your 14-day Lean Up Trial on my Female Fat Loss Mastery Programme

So unless you’re ready to go all in..

Apply here:

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