“The fact that I’m actually able to come every week and stick to something is HUGE for me”

Millennials get a bad name…

11th place trophies…

Stuck on their phones..

No resilience…

It reminds me of when I take my 2 year old daughter to toddler group and watch the moment where they all get frustrated at the fact the only toy they want is the one they can’t have…

But you know what?

I’m guilty of this, too.

I’ve been to job interviews before, been unsuccessful and thought ‘F it. Life is unfair. Why me?’…

What’s the difference? 

And what I’m getting at is this:

The quicker we ACCEPT..

that it may take you a little longer than “Tom, Dick, and Harry” and what worked for them might not work for you RIGHT NOW…or as quick…

The faster you will get where you want to be.

Genetics, your lifestyle, responsibilities, work, family life, time and effort you put in etc…

All impact how quickly you’ll get results. 

And the quicker we accept this, the EASIER it actually gets.

Because instead of wasting energy, dwelling /  being frustrated that it hasn’t happened quick enough….

We can put this to good use and focus on what you CAN do…

You see, when you ask the question:

“Will thinking F it and stopping get you closer to where you want to be?”

It becomes pretty clear that one of the main issues is perhaps fear of failure. 

Perhaps fear of putting time and effort into something and it not working…

Maybe a fear of looking silly? Worried you’re too unfit to start? Intimidated? Never been able to stick at something before?

But here’s the thing..

if you don’t do ANYHING, then you’ve 100% failed…

And we think that by doing nothing, it’s more comfortable. That things will go away. But it actually increases our fear of doing this thing

Which is scary, I know. I was the same with public speaking. Avoided it for as long as I could. Chomping on rescue pastels in the hope they will make me a confident speaker…

I felt frustrated, angry at myself, and annoyed at myself off that I kept going red, dry mouth and would not be able to share and say what I wanted to say…

But you know what? 

These feelings were actually trying to tell me something.  That something needed to change.

We’re only human. It’s okay to feel frustrated. 

And this actually gives you A LOT of energy. 

So imagine if you used this to make a small positive different today?

Actioned your way with small daily tasks that take just 5-10 minutes?

You might surprise yourself.

Just like one of the ladies on our transformation programme said last week:

“The fact that I’m actually able to come every week and stick to something is HUGE for me. Even my husband has been shocked and surprised.”


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