There needs to be a warning sign on your website

I’ll admit, when I got this message the other day and first started reading it, I did start to worry about what they were going to say…

here’s what she said:

So what does Julie do?

* plans a few days meals in advance so she doesn’t have to think about food all day or worry about what and when to eat (it helps having access to 1000s of recipes in our nutrition system, as well as the fact it sends you your shopping list to save time)

​​* Commits to a 5-10 minute workout a day (in her words: I could easily spend that on social media and say i don’t have time)

* Reports back to me every week with an update of what has worked and wha she could improve. Together, we adapt her nutrition, and set ONE new outcome for the week. REPEAT…

PLUS…we go over challenges and obstacles.

​​Like staying in hotels with work where you can’t control what you’re eating.

​​Not knowing who or how many to cook for..​​..

Social events


I could go on.

And that’s the secret right there…

Doing the simple things day in, day out and reaching out for help when you need it…

So, the real secret?


Someone chasing you (in the nicest possible way) and making sure you do what’s required to build the habits that you know will help you be the best version of you…

I guess it’s why just 20% of most diet books are even read in full…

and just 50% are actually opened….

We all know what to do.

But information does NOT equal transformation.

And the sooner you understand this?

The quicker you’ll get results. 

Be it working on taking control of comfort eating, improving your sleep or transforming the way you REACT to stressful situations that happen on the daily. 

That’s what myself and the ladies I work with have found anyway, like these HERE


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