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5-10 minutes a day?

I’ll admit, this time of year is probably the hardest time to be trying to lose weight…

The Quality Street are out…

The Mince Pies have gone gluten free and vegan…

The Christmas wind down is in full force..

If you let it…

So today I have an offer for you.

Rather than putting it all off until January and hoping it’ll be a better time then (even though it’s actually a pretty depressing month…)​​

Why not let us get a grip on your exercise and heathy eating habits, or lack of?
I’m opening up enrolment for my 8-Day Pre Christmas Kickstart for FREE until Monday 3rd December..

This is ideal for those who don’t have much time (it takes 5-10 minutes a day)

​​but don’t want to pile on 1-13lbs over the festive season (the average weight gain)

​​…but still want to have some fun and enjoy it!
It’s a one to one coaching session with ME, 5-10 minute home workouts, simple strategies to eating out and socialising without thinking F it, tasty recipes and meal plans (with your input), and access to in-person ladies only workouts…

All designed for women 40+.​​ And you don’t have to live in Wiltshire do this. We have ladies on our programme as far as Australia, South Africa…and Calne, Devizes, Swindon, and Marlborough 😉
The home workouts will illustrate how to adapt your exercise for you, even if you have knee, ankle, shoulder or hip issues.
We do have limited positions on the 8-Day Pre Christmas Kickstart so I’m opening up enrolment on to it for until 3rd December and after that it’ll only be available to existing members.

Normally, come January 1st,  it’s usually ‘new year, new me..’

But wouldn’t it be good to have 4 weeks of relaxed exercise DONE before that time?

To know how to perform muscle toning exercises at home without any equipment?

To be familiar with what and when you need to eat to lose weight, feel healthier and not have to cook bland meals to do it?

To know how to manage social situations and still get results?

To have a strategy in place to help you overcome obstacles that come up each time you try to lose weight?

p.s. here’s the link to apply: 

PPS. I may be slow responding today as I’m off to Swindon to deliver a presentation to patients newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes about lifestyle, diet, exercise and medications