“Are you taking the biscuit, Matt?”

So, did you hear about the 5 guys from Liverpool who stole £20,000 worth of…

Jammie Dodgers?

They were sentenced to a total of 11 years …

And even – joked – “sweet, thanks your honour” as they were sentenced

But hey ho, maybe they did one of those crash diets?

You know, where you deprive yourself of your favourite foods?

^^^ like Jammie Dodgers

Ditch the love handles…

Only to go and binge when your willpower “runs out”

Pile the weight back on (and more)

And go and do the same deprivation diet once again

What happens?

That vicious yoyo weight cycle 

^^^ where your body weight goes up and down and up and down (more than my 14-week old baby when she’s having one of those moments…)

But joking aside, the facts from our friends in lab coats don’t look good for yoyo dieters

A recent study showed that those with the biggest weight fluctuations had:

*117% more heart attacks

*136% more strokes

*124% more deaths

Compared with those with the smallest weight fluctuations up and down…

So, do you want to put an end to this vicious yoyo dieting cycle?

Stop depriving yourself of your favourite foods (and Jammie Dodgers)?

And stop creating your “self-made” unsustainable diet prison 

That makes you think you’ve failed because you can’t stick to it?


Because my FREE live in-person seminar is going to show you exactly how you can do this (and more)

On Tuesday 9th May at 1830-1930 at Marlborough Gold Club

To register, go here:



PS. I know what you’re thinking.

You don’t have a “crumb” of evidence that any of your stuff works

Well, here’s a few of the stories from just some of the ladies I’ve worked with :


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