‘Mummy, why haven’t you packed your lunch box?’

So, Easter holidays are officially over…

Which means that the ‘Military Operation’ (as one member on my body transformation programme calls the school run)

Starts again!

Is the school uniform ironed?

Are the kids up and ready?​​​

Breakfast sorted?

Lunch boxes packed?

‘Check, check, check and check’

‘Easy, peasy. That went smoothly’ <<< you think to yourself…

Until you turn around to see honey dribbling on to the car seat from the slice of toast your daughter sneaked out

Who then goes on to tell you all about the homework she was supposed to do

^^^ As one body transformation member was telling me all about

and the fact she doesn’t want to go to school today…

But another question that did come up was this:

‘Mummy, why haven’t you packed your lunch box today?’

And it’s a great question

Because just consider THIS:

Everything that you get DONE (well) is planned

Your holidays



school pick ups (you have a time you HAVE to be there…and you find TIME to do this, right?)

Your kid’s bedtime…


But just imagine if you knew all of the answers to the following question:

“What am I doing TOMORROW?”

What would be different?

In terms of how you manage STRESS?


Food choices?



Relationships with your other half?



Fat Loss?


I could go on…

So, here’s my final question:

Do you want to double, treble or even quadruple your self-confidence and productivity by spending less time worrying about what’s healthy for you and your kids….

And more time doing the things in life that you enjoy (like having the confidence to take your kids trampolining and in Kidz About without ​​​’looking silly’ <<< as one member on my body transformation programme put it)?

Well, don’t miss your opportunity

and register here for my FREE live in person seminar:



PS. This exclusive live event starts 2 weeks today.

I should also mention that this​​​ is probably going to be the only time I do this (for free, anyway)​


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