Do you take Vitamin P? Sorry this is late

I meant to send this earlier

But I was too busy

Taking my daily dose of the one vitamin you really should

be taking (and probably do)

Vitamin P


Procrastination <<< something I’m pretty damn good at.

Just like 20% of the population

Are you any good?

The thing that annoys me about it though

is that it gets a pretty bad name

When – in fact – if you’re procrastinating  about something

It probably means you’ve accepted that something needs to change

^^^ be it with your body, mindset, work, relationships, quality time spent with family, friends + loved ones

Which wouldn’t you agree is a good thing?

It’s just right now you’re avoiding taking action

Because you’re scared of the


But I’d like you just to think about a time in your life where you overcome a challenge

And achieved something

I’m not psychic 😉

But I can guarantee there was fear and anxiousness, right?

^^ bit like me and my public speaking. Oh, and when I first changed my daughter Ottilie at the hospital. The midwives were laughing at me because I was so gentle. I didn’t want to break her 🙂

So, what if you used Vitamin P AKA procrastination

To prioritise what’s important to you?

To take an opportunity to grow and be the best version of you

To do something that makes you grow happier, have more energy, gets you through your day… without RELYING on a caffeine fix?

Would this not mean procrastinating is a good thing?

Leading you away from the pain of remaining the same?

Because it really isn’t a case of ‘I can’ or ‘I can’t’.

It’s simply a case of ‘I won’t’ or ‘I will’

And my 90-Day Fit Mum Body Transformation Programme not only gets you feeling more confident in your favourite clothes

but also empowers you to do things you never thought you could, saves you the stress of knowing what and when to eat, and gives you your ‘ME’ time… and prosecco back

It’s probably the reason you’re why you’re taking your Vitamin P whilst reading this now

You can get on board here

Matt ‘vitamin p’ Fruci
Fruci Fit
Building Sustainable Fit Mums…FASTER (as you can ditch the yoyo dieting for good)

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