“You can’t eat that” myth?

So, I was planning on starting the weaning process with my daughter at 6 months

You know, avocados, banana, sweet potato…super simple stuff

And then I see new study in more than 200,000 children suggesting that

Feeding babies peanuts and eggs

At 4-6 months

REDUCES risks their risk peanut and egg allergies

^^^ the most common allergies in children and actually MORE common than the usual dairy and gluten

Which is the complete opposite to what you were told before, right?

^^^ I think I’ll still be keeping my beloved peanut butter:-) with jelly, of course, to myself!

Yet, just reading this could be getting you to now THINK differently about

how the ‘right way’ to wean a baby.

And it’s a bit like you, me and other members on my body transformation programmes

when it comes to change

Something new

You have this vision of the outcome you want

^^ In my case, Ottilie enjoying avocado, smiling, sleeping….a very ‘cheesey’ happy family 🙂

Feeling fitter in your clothes, more confident on the beach on holiday, more energy to do more of the things you want to do with your kids – like trampolining and swimming

But then you hit an obstacle

‘I haven’t got time’

‘What if I fail again’

‘I’m too unfit to start’

^^^ THE most common one I’ve heard – you’re no different from anyone else and you might just surprise yourself.

“I failed in the past so it won’t work”

But what if you used these

obstacles to build

breakthrough strategies

so you​​​ can overcome them?

Squash the “I can’t” ​​​identity

you give yourself​​​

Fit back in to your favourite clothes, feel more confident about the way you look, wake up with

​​​more energy so you can do more of the things you want to do without feeling


Well, my 90-Day Fit Mum Body Transformation Programme does EXACTLY that

got to go


Fruci Fit
Helping ​​​​​​​​​​​You Get Your Body Back Without Spending Hours In A Gym OR Giving Up Your Prosecco (or in my case, peanut butter…jelly!)

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