THIS food is harmful to your health…

Is it Gluten?

Brown bread?


Full fat yoghurt?

Genetically Modified Foods aka GMO aka OMG foods?

Sugar? But is brown sugar OK?


Diet Coke?

I’ve been there myself.

Reading the stuff online from self – proclaimed “nutritionists”

who spread their “cultish” beliefs

And build walls around what I can or

In most cases, can’t do…..according to them.

Forcing me to cut out all dairy once upon a time

Just because of the argument that humans shouldn’t consume stuff from cows 

^^^ although I don’t get on with milk too much, this didn’t mean I had to cut out my beloved cheese (cake) and cream…that’s clotted cream 🙂

They made me pretty anxious around certain foods

Stripped me of my freedom, flexibility and enjoyment

Both at home and when with my wife eating out at our favourite curry house

^^^ I say eating out…but since baby has arrived…we think the takeaway option in our PJs is a better option 😉

And maybe this is why I seem resonate with you

Because I get it

You want to the best for you, your energy levels, your waistline, and your family

But a recent study in 1008 mums showed that

Those mums who avoided certain foods 

Rightly or wrongly…were

1* Influenced by friends and family and had a desire to do what they were doing…

Which highlights the importance of who you surround yourself with

And having a support network of like minded others

All striving to become better than they were yesterday

Which is exactly what you’ll get in my 90 Day Fit Mum Body Transformation Programme 

2* More likely to receive their information from the Internet rather than a professional.

I know what you’re thinking

“I’m on the internet now.

Does this mean it’s wrong?”


And even though I’m a Registered Nutritionist and have to prove

I’m constantly using science effectively

In my practice

And to consult in the NHS

I’m willing to admit that I don’t know everything about nutrition

And if anyone does pretend to know everything

Brisk walk away as fast as you can

As – ultimately – we’re all different

And it’s exactly why I meet you where you’re at

To build a nutritional strategy that not only gets you waking up full of energy, feeling more confident in your favourite clothes and ditching the “diet” for good


But also saves you time and money so you can do more of things you want to do and

Dare I say it…

Have a bit more more fun

And spend less time wondering what the hell you’re going to do for dinner…

​When’s the best time to eat

Whether it’s “healthy” enough for you

Or whether the rest of the family will eat it

Join us here:

Matt ‘fighting for team science’ Fruci

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