Rotating the foods you eat and surviving on pizza for 25 years

“Why would I eat a pizza with mushrooms when I like a standard cheese pizza?”
^^^ Fair point, I guess?

He eats cheese pizza for 20 out of 21 meals per week!

And I’m all for eating the foods you enjoy.

But I’m also all for NOT ‘giving up’ foods 

And being open to trying new foods (so you don’t get bored and – potentially – improve your gut health).

But you can see in the documentary (link at the bottom) how his ‘food aversions’ are impacting his relationship with his family

^^^ not to mention the impact that this may have on his health in the future…who knows?

“My fiancee is vegetarian, so it would be nice to be able to go out to nicer restaurants with her. We’re sort of limited as to where we go because of my pizza addiction” – he says
^^^ Sounds a bit like those ‘detox’ smoothie diets where you can’t eat out at restaurants unless they have kale smoothies on the menu…

And it’s why having a flexible approach to nutrition that doesn’t unnecessarily restrict foods can be the difference between you simply losing weight


Losing FAT, toning up, and being able to MAINTAIN your new, leaner look that leaves you feeling more confident. 

Because if the diet means you can STILL eat out with the other half, enjoy a few drinks from time to time, and sneak in SOME pizza (perhaps not for 20 out of 21 meals) then you’ll be more likely to stick to it and keep the weight off

^^^ And you’ll also be less likely to get a divorce…


This leads me to a question I got from a Fit For Life Body Transformation member yesterday:

“Do I have to rotate my foods?”

In short…

To lose fat…my answer would be no. 

In fact, some people find it easier and more convenient  to just cook up a load of meals in bulk / getting into habits where they have the same type of meals every day

^^^ if it means you stick to the diet, then that’s absolutely fine for fat loss!

To optimise your gut health (which I’ve talked about here)…my answer would be ‘maybe’

Because the gut is a mysterious beast…

Housing 100 trillion bacteria in your large intestine that FEED off of different nutrients

So, could eating a more varied diet help improve your gut health, boost your immune system, and even help you lose weight?

Speak soon,


PS. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a pizza recipe with you (with a ‘healthy’ catch obviously, which may improve your gut health!)

PPS. Here’s the link to the documentary about the guy who eats pizza
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