The surprising truth about carbs and your £1 chocolate bar

So I was picking up a few bits in WHSmith (the home of snack food!) the other day…as I was on the go…and needed some playing cards for some portion size guides I’m creating for members on my Fat Loss Mastery Programme!

And even at the self service checkout, I get a huge pop up asking me if I want to add a £1 chocolate bar (which are conveniently placed right in front of me with a load of sweets)

The reason I’m telling you this is because a recent study came out showing that the countries with the LOWEST levels of obesity were:

Japan, Korea, and Italy…

Who, as you know, are pretty renowned for eating WHITE RICE, PASTA and BREAD.

Now, what this does tell us is that these so-called “bad foods” are obviously NOT the cause of all evil themselves

^^^ despite what they tell you…although if you have intolerances / allergies..that’s another issue and something I go into in a bit more detail

BUT…what this does tell us is that there is MORE to this.

To name a few: sleep, stress, snacking / eating habits, lifestyle, convenience foods, food environment, portion control…

And do you want to know one of the most common issues we go through in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation?

Your relationship with food..


Eating your emotions and addressing how food is used when you’re happy, sad, celebrating and commiserating.

Because you’re no different to me in that you’re wired to say “yes” to the £1 chocolate bar at the checkout

Humans are wired to do this and they play on this fact.

But once you discover how to slow down, acknowledge WHY you’re making the choices you’re making, understand the difference between hunger and emotional hunger…and become accountable

You’ll master this toning up game once and for all..

Just like the other ladies have using the exact principles I teach you in Fat Loss Mastery

It’s not easy, but it is simple.

And you can apply for your free trial but going here​​​

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