This happened when they ate protein

Achey knees and joints, not fit…anymore, weight creeping on over the past few years due to my busy lifestyle, want to fit back into my favourite clothes, split nails…and I could go on.

Because these are just some of the things I hear from new members on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme. 

And I get it…

They tell you to eat less saturated fat because it gives you heart disease and makes us fat

Which means you also cut out foods high in a nutrient that scientists are claiming can help protect against muscle loss and functional decline (especially in Women)…

^^^ Not to mention the benefits to your skin, hair, nails, and FAT LOSS!

And I see so many women get this and their exercise habits wrong.

You see, our friends in lab coats found that highER intakes of protein rich foods (red meat, chicken / turkey, fish, dairy, and soy, nuts, seeds and legumes)

Was associated with more lean mass (which can help give you more strength energy AND fit into your favourite clothes)

And there’s more…

Eating more foods from animal sources (compared to plant-based protein foods) was associated with more lean mass regardless of how much exercise they did.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can skip your exercise for a steak…

Because the combination of higher-protein foods from animal sources and exercise was shown the to the ‘best combination’ to increase lean mass and preserve your functional performance that comes with getting older!

And in the words of my brother-in-law (who’s a Dr, by the way):

“There’s no better time to start than NOW, regardless of age. And the earlier you start, the better” <<< Referring to protein and muscle strengthening exercises

That’s it for today!

Helping Busy Ladies Get Fit, Toned And Back Into Their Favourite Clothes By Thinking Differently

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