Netflix diet…

I was stuck in some HEAVY traffic earlier this week

The stand-still kind that get’s on my nerves

Well, if I let it, that is

^^^ I’m starting to sound a bit: ‘Hakuna Matata! It ain’t no passing craze. It means no worries for the rest of your days’

But here’s the thing

I could 

A) Stress, waste energy, bang my steering wheel, flip open Facebook and scream to the world how everything is against me and I’m going to be late

^^^ which solves zilch and – if you’re anything like me – leaves you taking it out on the other half (I’ll never forget when I had a go at the Mrs for using so many different glasses for her water…all because I was stressed, tired and low on energy)


B) Smile. Laugh at those doing A). Think about what I’m grateful for (the fact it wasn’t me in the accident) and if you’re on a broken down train? Just get Netflix on a have a ‘chill’ <<< I hear 50 Shades Darker is out soon...

And what if I told you that worrying and stressing is actually a predated trait that we could forget (nearly) altogether and still do pretty well?

I mean, we’ve got enough (and more) access to food than ever (OK, maybe we had a slight problem with the lettuces and broccoli with floods in Spain…)

Warm houses

The ability to travel wherever we like (all be it with a bit of traffic)

Less poverty than ever before

And best of all…no lions chasing us

Because here’s the thing:

Your weight loss

Your sleep

Your relationships 

Your confidence

Your energy

are all impacted by your 

Personal energy 

Protect this and you’ll have the power to make better-informed more intelligent decisions about what you eat and your exercise habits

Which ultimately means being less reliant on willpower when faced with the opened bag of mini eggs

Because you’ll have the energy to make more conscious, rationale decisions

^^^ Especially when you have all of the ingredients for your simple, tasty meals that will help you ditch the love handles and tone up once and for all this Summer

Just as I show you in Module 1 on my Female Fat ​​​Loss Mastery where you get to use my Nutrition System to build your own flexible meal plans that suit your lifestyle and family so you can lose weight and keep it off WITHOUT eating ‘diet’ foods or eating like a pigeon

Matt ‘Hakuna Matata’ Fruci

PS. The deadline to apply for my 14-day Lean Up Challenge on Female Fat Loss Mastery is Sunday 26th February @ 7:30pm​​​​​​. 

To apply, go here:


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