The death of sugar?

Remember the old ‘sugar tax’ win?

^^^ Seems like a lifetime ago now

We had Jamie Oliver celebrating by putting 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a frying pan

^^^ Sorry. That was a typo. I meant to say 10 tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan…Not to mention the 8 blocks of butter he melts on succulent chicken. Anyhooo….

And David Cameron (remember him?) suggesting that we are winning the fight against obesity and Type 2 diabetes…

All because of this sugar tax that comes into effect from April 2018 <<< excited?

It will mean that your average can of Fanta, coke, or  – if you’re Scottish – Irn-Bru….

Will be a whole 6p more expensive

Which will probably mean that your kids just ask you for a 6p ‘tuck shop money’ pay rise (blame Brexit)

My opinion?

Well, in the words of Tony Blair:

Education, Education, Education

Not by bombarding everyone with talk of ‘fat burning’ hormones, detoxes, and how ‘x’ amount of walking will burn off a can of Fanta…

^^^ Or if you’re Scottish…Irn-Bru

But by making things SUPER simple

By showing you how to actually save TIME and MONEY by planning, preparing and cooking your meals


By showing you how to create a winning environment in your home (so you stop feeling out of control and become gain superiority over the biscuit tin)

And showing you exactly how to eat when on-the-go and out and about without fearing ‘bad’ foods and letting the weight creep back on…

Which is exactly what I teach in my Lean For Life Body Transformation Programme

What do you think about the sugar tax? Hit reply and let me know 🙂


PS. More info on the BBC site here:​​​

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