Struggling to fit everything in?


Things get in the way 

And it doesn’t always go to plan.

Only this week was a I planning a workout but managing diaries and two courtesy cars 😆 I let it slip the other day..

But what I have done

Is created an environment so it’s easier to get SOMETHING done.

So even when I can’t do it all?


After all, all or something is better than all or nothing, right?

^^ read that again

So I managed to get the odd 1 minute of pull ups and push ups throughout the day instead 

Between calls

Whist making coffee ☕️ 

in-between chasing the kids dressed in my Halloween alien costume (great way to get the steps in on a rainy day)

And this adds up.

I noticed I’d done 100 pull ups and push ups over the day. 

And it literally took about 13 minutes through the day.

My point?

You don’t have to do everything,

You just have to do something. 

Who knows where that something could lead.

Sure it might not get you to where you want to be today

But I’m pretty sure you’ll be closer to where you want to be by doing something rather than nothing. 

Not sure where to start?

We are doing a free 5-Day Menopause Mastery Programme specifically for women peri or post menopause to help better manage their symptoms with a step by step plan based on what the research shows.

Perfect to help you stay on track this festive period 🎅 so you can look back differently in January  and think “I did that , I made that happen” rather than having it all to do 

Starting Monday 20th -25th November 

Register here:


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