You don’t have to love autumn leaves even if some people do.

Just like you can love autumn leaves even if some people don’t 😉

Why am I sharing this?

Well, we often hear:

“How did they lose that much weight?” “Why can’t I lose that much weight”. 

I talk a lot about all this health and fitness stuff (And life, really). 

Being you vs you..And  how comparison is literally the thief of joy.

With the message being that you should aim to be the best version of you..

But something I learnt the other day..

How most of us (Especially me) don’t actually know what our “best self” is…Aka What we really want…

And quite often 

Set our “best self” as this “ideal” perfect / ideal scenario..Leaving us dwelling And feeling low as we look at this huge GAP between where we are today (reality). And where we think we should be (“ideal”). 

But something I want to ask you (and something I recently asked myself) was how much of your definition of your best self is actually coming from comparison with others?

Comparison to what society says you should do? Or what others are achieving or not achieving ? After all, we live in a society where treating yourself is often seen as drinking and eating cake? 

Even though most people feel worse the next day? something I think about a lot. Like many people say to me “you shouldn’t work on a Sunday”, 

But I love what I do And I have the kids (daddy day care) on days during the week, pick ups, which forces me to have some down time from “work”..I guess what I am saying is that 

The best version of YOU…Is the one that is happy..

So a little task, 

what do you want to achieve? What does your best self want to achieve? Even more important this time of year when People pleasing and peer pressure is high. 

Are you acting based on how you want to feel or how you currently feel? Are your decisions today for you or are they to please others? 

And getting clear with exactly what you want 

Overcoming people pleasing 

And focusing on YOU

Is something we will be going over in the Free 5-Day Kickstart

(group opens tomorrow)

Which starts on Monday 

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