Why personal ‘training’ doesn’t work…

So I had a question last week about exercise and weight GAIN

Basically, she had just started doing more classes and running

^^^ Which is great!!

But had gained a few pounds over the last few weeks.

And it’s why personal ‘training’ doesn’t always work

Because without the nutrition in place…

You could be spinning your wheels and wasting more time (that you already don’t have much of)


Well, could it be than this gives you PERMISSION to eat more?

One study found that those who exercised ate 44% more desert and 32% fewer veggies afterwards at a buffet than those that didn’t exercise

And guess what?

Even thinking about exercise could make you eat more.

They asked half the people about their exercise habits before getting them to read a scenario describing a 30 min jog and how tired it made them feel

Whereas the other half did not read the scenario describing a 30 min jog and how tired it made them feel

As a ‘thank you’…they then let the people help themselves to M & M’s (they didn’t know this was actually the study….)

And those who who read the jogging story poured nearly 60% more!!!

But there is SOME good news

Because we know that if you exercise in a way that increases the number of calories you burn at rest

^^^ By increasing muscle tone…


This massively increases your chances of keeping the fat you lose off 

And I’m pretty sure that’s why you’re here, right?

Not to lose 10 lbs of water in 24 hours

But to lose fat and not pile it back on again (and blame your lack of ‘willpower’ again)

So you can feel more confident in your favourite clothes, have the energy to do more of the things you want to do and – dare I say it – enjoy eating again

Which is exactly what we do in Female Fat Loss Mastery (and all without eating like a pigeon)

You see, what would happen if you didn’t see exercise as ‘exercise’ anymore?

What if you suddenly thought of exercise as something you could be grateful for?

Because not everyone has the luxury of being able to go for a walk or do some squats?

Just last week at a Public Health initiative for people with Type 2 diabetes

I invited Simon to do a talk and inspire others NOT to make the same mistakes he did (he’s now blind and can’t even feel a pin from his legs down because he didn’t control his diabetes and wants to help others take control!)


He STILL exercises (he goes bowling)

Which brings me to the – quite often – made up excuses that both me and you are guilty of every day

‘I don’t have time’

‘What if I can’t do it?’

‘What if it’s too hard?’

‘I don’t have the willpower’

‘It won’t work for me’

‘What if I fail again. I don’t want to look silly’

That hold you back from getting the EXACT things you say you want to feel GREAT!

So, if you’re ready to boost your energy levels and ditch that vicious yoyo dieting cycle for good

It’s your last chance to apply for your FREE 14-day Lean Up Trial on my Female Fat Loss Mastery Programme starting tomorrow 

The deadline to apply ​​​is today at 730pm.

And I have 2 spaces left

So in the words of the new Disney film, Moana (which I’ll come on to another day)​​​

“The ocean is calling’

Apply here:


Matt ‘Moana’ Fruci

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