Struggling for Monday Motivation? Try this

So I’ve been away in Nottingham this weekend at a Clinical Nutrition Conference on emotional eating, women hormones (very important considering I’ve got another daughter on the way lol), and diabetes. 

But something I noticed the other day is that I almost use my daughter as an ‘excuse’ not to do something. Say things like ‘I can’t do that as I won’t have time’. 

Which stops me doing something that may actually benefit me but requires some kind of effort or time investment that seems quite big and scary.

 ^^ be it with my body, health, work, relationships, quality time spent with family,  friends etc.

So I procrastinate doing that thing. It almost gives me permission to put it off because “I’m different”….
But the interesting thing about procrastination is that it gets a pretty bad name
When – in fact – if you’re procrastinating  about something it probably means you’ve accepted that something needs to change and that it’s important
 ^^ be it with your body, health, work, relationships, quality time spent with family,  friends etc.
Which wouldn’t you agree is a good thing?
It’s just right now you’re avoiding doing this thing…probably because there’s some fear? What if it doesn’t work? What if you fail? What will others think.
But I’d like you just to think about a time in your life where you overcome a challenge and achieved something
I’m not a palm reader who tells you that you are deficient in a supplement that I conveniently sell, but I can guarantee there was fear and anxiousness, right?
^^ bit like me and my public speaking. Oh, and when I first changed my daughter Ottilie at the hospital. The midwives were laughing at me. I literally had zero idea what I was doing and – as amazing as the moment was – I was $#*!ing myself at the same time lol hopefully I’ll be calmer with baby number 2 next month 🙂
But, what if you used procrastination to prioritise what’s important to you?
Would this not mean procrastinating is a good thing?
So, here’s the ONE question I want you to ask yourself today if you procrastinate about something:

“If not now, when?”

Then, I’d like you to put the thing in your diary so it becomes REAL. So you do the thing that you know you need to do to get the results you want. 

Here’s what one of the ladies on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme did the other day:

1) Put a date and time in the diary when she’d using our nutrition app to plan her meals for 3 days and get her shopping list automatically done for her

2) Did the bulk of her shop 

Yes, this took her  about an 10 mins to plan for 3 days of meals to sort it out for a family of 4…but saved her hours of time (and money) nipping to the shops, buying stuff she didn’t need, worrying about what and when to eat, or stressing about whether it’s healthy enough for the family, having to cook separately …

After all, you make about 200 – 300  decisions about food every single day, which – on top of email, work, family life and domestic admin – is exhausting. 

And the less you have to rely on willpower?

The easier it is to take control of the mid afternoon pick me ups and late night binges…
Because there is NO secret. Apart from keeping simple, Because the more simple you make it? The more likely you are to do it…

And the less likely you are to come up with reasons why you can’t do it.
Matt ‘The Procrastinator’ Fruci​
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