Stress eating lessons from Kim & Aggie

Despite the fact I constantly leave cupboard doors open and often leave dirty dishes to ‘soak’…

(as Mrs Fruci reminds me on the daily…)

a messy kitchen really annoys me…

Not quite as much as it annoys Kim & Aggie…​​

But it’s just more chaos…(on top of everything else)

And speaking of chaos…

It’s well known that stress, tiredness and emotional eating = one of the biggest reasons people fail to stay on track…

But what if your environment dictates what you do (more than we think)?

So, if you struggle with emotional eating / binge eating in the evening, here’s a few tips that may help.

NOTE: I did not make these up. They have been shown to be related to weight loss…

I’m not saying they will definitely work for you…

But I do know that it 100% will NOT work for you if you don’t try it…

1) Dim your lights AND use candle lights on an evening in the kitchen

2) Play soft music in the background

3) Only eat out of a bowl or plate (aka do not eat out of the packet)

That’s it…

Set these 3 things up in place and see how you go..

But don’t forget, just like the is the case with the ladies I work with here, this isn’t a one quick fix solution….

And it’s not a matter of ‘if’ you so-called ‘fail’, but when…

It’s how you respond to that, how you learn from that, and what you do with the FEEDBACK that counts.


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