Stop saying ‘sorry’

So my 2 year old daughter occasionally just says:


For no apparent reason…

Just – I guess – copying from me or Mrs Fruci?

Who, knows..

Maybe I should stop saying ‘sorry’ so much

for often doing nothing wrong…

in fact, sometimes we feel bad for getting results???

Just in case it offends someone else

Or gets seen like you are ‘bragging’

worrying about making other people feel bad for doing NOTHING..

it’s almost like we DO apologise for what we’ve managed to pull off…

(I imagine there’s even mums out there today apologising for receiving presents on Mothers Day <<< JUST SAY THANK YOU…you do an amazing job!! in fact, you do all of the jobs haha so at least for today just let the Mr do it…)​​

But the problem with never appreciating your results and what you do well?

It DRAINS your confidence

think about it.. NOT appreciating how far you’ve come has you focused on what you still have to do or what HASN’T worked

and confidence.. is one of the most important things we all want, right?

as it makes it easier to ‘say’ to the things we want to do

we feel better


So I just thought I’d stet out of my comfort zone and ‘brag’ with a few things I’m proud of doing over the last few years:

* Nailed my public speaking fear and now get invited to speak at Oxford Brookes University as a guest lecturer and deliver NHS education for people with Type 2 diabetes

* Helped over 300 ladies develop a positive relationship with food and the so-called ‘perfection’ they were looking for, feel better and kickstart themselves into better fitness and eating habits to finally look and feel how they want to feel (LIKE THESE LADIES HERE)

* I became a dad to two amazing daughters 🙂

* I’m now helping more people the I ever have done with their nutrition and exercise habits even though I never thought I’d ‘have time’ when I became  dad of 2 under 2 🙂

* Published my book first book, SHIFT: Simple Guide To Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back (which is available on Amazon)

* I have a Vegan book covering all of the nutritional considerations and 100 recipes ( I’m not actually vegan but I know it can help people)

* Have my first children’s story book coming out next month which I did with my wife (which will also be on Amazon and is kind of for parents just as much as kids…)

* We’ve got our own Fruci Fit app, manual, Big Brother accountability system to help you ( and me) get out of your own way and stay accountable to the things you know you need to do.

* I date my 2 year old daughter twice a week one to one (rugby tots and coffee or park date)

and probably some other things…

and the fact is, my struggles and problems along the way have actually GROWN …

You see, whereas I thought achieving more would get rid of my problems…

They’ve actually grown…

I have more problems than ever…

But that’s what allowed me to continue growing and learning and helping more people all whilst having an amazing family.

And when I receive messages like this from Ali..

it’s no wonder I get up so early to make sure I do what I have to do achieve my goal of helping 100 people every, single month:

“I just wanted to say that your system and overall approach to our health and wellbeing is second to none.
Your website is super.
The exercise videos great.
Your attentiveness to us as individuals is amazing….really don’t know how you keep up with everyone….  you manage to keep track of us and communicate with us brilliantly.
Your attention to detail is second to none…remembering and knowing our individual challenges with our bodies.
Your sessions are fantastic. The boxing is something we all enjoy….a release of all that positive/negative energy is a fun way to work it.
The fun way that you instigate the exercise challenges gain fab results from all.
Thank you!!!
and on that note, if you’d like more info about our 4-week kickstart programme opening up again soon

just email with the subject line ‘4 week’ and I’ll get you the details

Matt ‘sorry’ Fruci
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