This used to scare me

So after our morning sessions for the ladies on our Fit For Life Programme, I’m off to deliver a lecture today to nutrition students at Oxford Brookes University

On essentially:

‘how to get people to do the things they already know”

Such an interesting topic.

Like…no one really needs any more info.

We just need to do what we know, right?

But the funny this is (and probably the reason I keep getting asked back to deliver these lectures)​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​Something I’m realising more and more every day

Is how I’m actually full of 💩

You see, I used to have the biggest fear of public speaking. 

I’d go red in the face. Mouth dry. Clammy hands. I’d want the world to swallow me up.

I’d even end up on the toilet with nerves and anxiety.

Id rather be anywhere (even in the House of Commons listening to Brexit)

​​I’d even phone in sick for presentations at university.

All because I thought others would be thinking that I looked silly.

That I wasn’t smart enough.

But you know the funny thing?

I don’t know much more about this fitness, health and dieting stuff now than I did when I was at university..

Yet, I’m now helping more ladies than ever with our Fit Fit For Life Programme…

And I’m being asked to deliver education to Type 2 diabetes patients

As well guest lecturing at universities…​​​

All because I stopped believing the “stories” about how I wasn’t good enough.

And it reminded me of that it’s actually not a lack of knowledge that stops you getting the health, fitness and body you want

But simply the stories and beliefs you tell yourself.

That are so powerful

your behaviour conforms to them​​​​.

And they might make you feel better in the short term…

But do nothing for you long term.

And I still get nervous now..

I accept that.

But I know that if I let nerves hold me back?

I am basically saying that my nerves / my beliefs are more important than ​​​​​​​​helping you (and me)…

Which you could say, is pretty selfish?​​

So, what stories are holding you back and stopping you from getting the fitness, energy, health, and body you want?

What do you need help with?

I’m generally curious.

Matt ‘nervous excited’ Fruci​​​​​​

PS. You can grab a free copy of my book HERE

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