How to stop losing weight in 2 hours…

Most diets WILL get you to eat less.

And / OR

Move more.

Which means you create an "energy deficit"...forcing the body to burn fat!

Now, this is all well and good Monday to Thursday.

We have a bit more routine and structure in our lives.

Nursery, school runs, just go with the flow.

But then it gets to Friday.


It's 6pm (or 4pm...) and we open that bottle of wine.

We have a glass (or perhaps 2,3...or 4).

Accompany that with pizza, some garlic bread, and the "token" chocolate that accompanies the vino...

And it's about 2000 calories in 2 hours....

Now considering that most diets will aim to make you eat around 500 calories less per day per week (so you lose 1lb of FAT per week)...

You can pretty much offset this in...2 hours (or so)!

And it's these 2 hours that make us question our metabolism / genetics (which do play a role by the way...more on that another day).

We think that we're different and accept we just can't do it...

And that pains me.

All your handwork gone in 2 hours.

So with bank holiday weekend coming up next week, here's a quick, simple, and effective strategy I - and many of my clients - use:

Step 1: Anticipate

It's the weekend, you're probably going to be enjoying a drink, going out for some great food, and socialising (where food is usually around and out of your control).

So anticipate, you're going to be indulging by...

Step 2: Compensating

So you're going out for some wine and curry later.

Try to eat lean throughout the day.

Here's a strategy I use:

* Stick to nutrient dense foods during the day (foods low in calories, but fill your plate and keep you full).

An example could be some chicken / salmon / lean beef with mediterranean veg (I like roasting cherry tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, onions, and garlic with some salt, paprika and pepper)

^^^ Fills out my plate and keeps me full and satisfied.

Plus, I can then go and enjoy my curry and wine and STILL be on track to hit my goal!

And before you know it...

You'll be the friend "with the fast metabolism that can eat what they want"...

Enjoy your Sunday (and your curry)..

Matt "revving up my metabolism for my Sunday lunch" Fruci

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