The ‘stop the food fight’ Diet

Have you ever heard about the campaign they ran in Canada called: TAKE THE FIGHT OUT OF FOOD?

It was all about separating the FACTS from the GOSSIP by getting to the bottom of the confusing food advice they tell us in the Flakey Mail or from dodgy detox supplements telling you to give up food for their 'nutritious shake'...

Would you agree that being told that carbs are bad one minute and the next minute it’s only sugar that’s bad and they’re telling you to ‘watch your fats’ because fat gives you high cholesterol and makes you confusing and frustrating?

It almost tips us in to that 'well, I thought I was doing well so F it pass me the pringles and cheesecake' mindset.

And it’s why today, I’m going to share with you the SCIENCE and EVIDENCE behind losing fat and toning up.

Because I've been there. I've tried being 'carb free', 'low fat' name it. 

Partly because I thought I was doing it 'right' and partly because I wanted to know how it felt so I could become a better coach.

But what happened with all of these extreme approaches?

1* I became MORE obsessed with food

2* I started to think about ALL of the glorious foods I could no longer eat (which made me want them more)

3* I became more irritable and anxious about social events and meals out  as I was in 'all or nothing' mode' (I don't think Mrs Fruci would have put up with me for much longer...)

And it begs the question?

If a diet impacts your relationships and happiness? 

It is actually healthy?

Of course, there may have to be SOME trade-offs. That's life.

But here's the thing.

They tell you that to tone up and shift unwanted body fat you just need this ONE, new [insert fancy name of diet here]

the truth?

Well, according to the Clinical Nutrition Journal, we've been arguing about the wrong things all along because whether you eat a high fat, low carb diet (up to 75% of your diet from fat) OR a lower fat, higher carb diet...

You can STILL lose the same amount of unwanted body fat, improve cholesterol and shrink your waistline... have enough protein. 

And its why you can have the flexibility to eat the foods you enjoy and still lose weight.

Its why you don't have to define yourself by the diet you're on and feel like you've failed because you've eaten rice ..

It's why my Tone Up System shows you how to set up your diet so it becomes a way of life 
(as you're more likely to stick to it and keep the weight off that way).

To learn more, CLICK HERE

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