This is what happens when you eat porridge for breakfast

I'd wake up and my mind would be racing already. Thinking about my never-ending to do list. Emails. Work that needs to be done. Deadlines. You name it. 

the last thing I'm thinking about it?

What I'm actually eating. 

Which brings my to the 'new kid on the block' in this dieting and toning up game...MINDFULNESS <<< ever heard of it?

And I honestly think it's great. But here's the thing, when life takes over, you're tired, h-angry (as Mrs Fruci calls me when I'm hungry and irritable), washing is piling up, kids aren't sleeping, you're working late...the last thing you remember is how to be 'mindful', especially when the vino is out on the side and there's leftover crisps that 'need to be eaten'.

And before we get to the point of 'being mindful''s too late. The biscuits? GONE. Chocolates. GONE. Start again tomorrow and the vicious 'start-stop' cycle continues.

So, what's this go to do with having porridge for breakfast?

Well, they found that those who had porridge for breakfast generally weighted less...


Well, yes porridge does have some health benefits and can help keep you full up.

But the main reason?

These people who had porridge for breakfast every day and weighed less SIMPLY had ONE less decision to make every, single day. 

Whereas  you and me might wake up and think 'shall I have breakfast today? Should I have eggs? Bacon? Skip it and get something later? But something on the go'

^^^ which is already draining your willpower (which is a limited resource by the way...unless you expand your capacity to manage stress and time)

They just get up and eat plain old porridge.

Does this mean you have to eat porridge?


But what does show you is the power of HABITS and ROUTINES...

So you don't have to tell everyone you're on another diet


You're on a diet that you don't even know you're doing

^^^ Which is difficult for many ladies using my Tone Up System to get their head around as in the past it's been 'on' or 'off'...'deprive myself' or 'binge'

A sustainable dieting strategy that isn't a full time job and doesn't leave you blaming your willpower (as they say at the slimming clubs).

All YOU need to do is click the link to get started:

Fruci Fit
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