Stop the family food fight!

“My kids are getting older so they do sometimes sort themselves out for tea.

But when I’m cooking, it’s a nightmare as they all want and like different things depending on what they’ve heard is healthy”

^^^ This came up when chatting with a new member on my body transformation programme last week. And it’s exactly why all members on my body transformation programmes get access to my Nutrition System containing over 1000 recipe and meal ideas to help save you the time and stress of worrying about what and when to eat.

But this reminded me of a campaign they ran back in March in Canada called: TAKE THE FIGHT OUT OF FOOD. It was all about getting the facts RIGHT from Registered Practitioners…rather than the Journal of The Daily Mail or Jane from the slimmers club…

Which – you’d probably agree – makes things super confusing and stressful for you. One minute carbs are bad and the next minute it’s only sugar that’s bad and they’re telling you to ‘watch your fats’ because fat gives you high cholesterol and makes you fat!

And it’s why today, I’m going to share with you the SCIENCE and EVIDENCE behind losing fat and toning up:

1) You can lose fat and tone up doing a high protein diet

2) You can lose fat and tone up doing a low carb, high fat diet

3) You can lose fat and tone up doing a low fat, high carb diet

4) I could go on…

In fact, you can lose fat and tone up by doing a combination of diets.

For example, one member on my body transformation programme is ‘melting’ (her words, not mine) her fat away by doing 3 lowER carb days during the week where she has an omelette for breakfast….and then has highER carb days at the weekend when she’s eating out and socialising.

A bit like how somedays I start super early so I skip breakfast (no, this doesn’t ‘break my metabolism and cause starvation mode’) and eat more later in the day when I can relax and enjoy my food with Mrs Fruci and our bambino 🙂 Other days? I’ll enjoy a HUGE breakfast and eat lighter later in the day!

My point is that ALL diets ‘work’ but the best diet for you is the one that you can DO. The one you can see yourself doing in 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, 9 month and even 24 months!

Which means you’re no longer doing a ‘quick fix’ diet…but you’re actually putting together a nutritional strategy that fits your lifestyle so you can stick to it and not beat yourself up for ‘lacking willpower’

One that empowers you to select the right ‘tool’ at that particular time to accelerate your fat loss, help you tone up and fit back into your favourite clothes

^^^ Rather than choose straw to fix the hole in your bucket (as dear Lizer suggests to Henry…)

Which is exactly what we do in our Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme

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Putting The ‘U’ Back Into Nutrition

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