Stop doing this

Yep, you guessed it 

Putting pineapple on pizza. 😉 

Ok just kidding.

Not about the pineapple but what I’m actually talking about today.

That is to stop comparing yourself to others.

But to where you were when you started. 

So many times I see people feeling frustrated 

Despite being 7lbs or 1 stone down from when they started.

Sure, you want results quicker. But what if quicker meant they were actually slower?

Eg it was so difficult you could barely stick to it?


I still get days where I think

“can I really do this?”

Maybe I have piled loads of pressure on myself

Almost like “I should do xyz”

Because I saw someone else do it..

Then we get down and disheartened.

But you know what?

Getting out this starts by taking a simple step to:


most success is OVER EXAGGERATED

^^^ read that again


The thing is, this overwhelm we can feel

Will often come from expectations that we put on ourselves

Based on judgement on others

Of their life…

And I’m not saying ‘avoidance’ is the right strategy 

When it comes to any overwhelm or fear

(as I found out with public speaking)

But sometimes

Patience is..

You see, you don’t always have to be DOING it all…

You just need to be doing.

And be aware of what you have learnt..

It’s why it annoys me when people put others down for trying to lose weight doing something 

They don’t agree with…

For me?

As long as they take what they learned from it?

This is key

As they now know what doesn’t work.

Which gives you more clarity

For what does work for you 

The way you feel…

So I guess I can sum it up with an old school quote from

Mark Twain (I think he’s said a few quotes…)

“Comparison is the death of joy”

You’re supposed to be happy.

Comparison does no-one any favours.


PLEASE… stop comparing your life, body, what you should be doing…

With someone else

And focus on your progress 


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