3 ways to fit your food plan to your lifestyle (even if you’re brought up having to finish everything on your plate)

Most people know what to do

But struggle to actually do it 

(For a variety of reasons which we cover at Fruci Fit by making it personal to you in your one to one”, which we do at the start of our 100 Day Challenge starting soon. Reply with “100” and I’ll get you the details).

But two reasons are 

  1. Being brought up having to finish what’s on your plate 
  2. Fitting in with others so you don’t have to cook different meals 

So here 3 strategies to help with this:

1)Control what you can: let’s say you’re 100% in control of your lunch. Make a big chicken / ham salad with some cheese on top. It’s filling, nutritious, stops the hunger mid afternoon and helps you save calories for later 

2) Serve smaller portions / cook less / actually leave something on your plate: if portion size is an issue and you have to “finish everything on your plate” because “there are people starving” or in my case “Nonna won’t cook anymore if you don’t finish your plate “ (even after I had 5 plates of pasta and meatballs 😂), don’t be afraid to cook less or serve less (which brings me to 3)) 

3) Add more food in to your evening meal: even if you’re not cooking / in control, bulk out your meal with a side, be it some Mediterranean vegetables, little salad, stir fry and some protein source like chicken. Adding some sides like this, means you can bulk out your meal to help you hit your goals. And any leftovers? You have for your lunch tomorrow.  This is why I love “picky teas”. I am in control of what I have and can make it more veg based one day and a bit more calorific another day. 

Here’s a picky tea from the other day (see image)

Chicken sausages (conscious switch), veg, chicken wings, hummus, sweetcorn, salsa, and we also then had some chicken goujons in there (also known as chicken nuggets in my day) and some cheese. I added a some salad to this as well to slow me down and fill me up (or I could eat it all 😂)


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