Is tomato ketchup OK?

Is tomato ketchup OK?

"Can I add tomato ketchup?" ..."are sweeteners OK in my tea and coffee?"

2 questions I got this morning from clients...

Simple answer...YES!

We have this idea that if food is bland or boring it must be good for us.

Truth is, a dollop of ketchup adds so little to your daily intake but can actually offer so much and HELP people get the right nutrition in, be it protein, veggies, fats or carbs.


One of my client finds it difficult to eat enough protein UNLESS he has some ketchup on top...

So ketchup on top of his meal means he gets more protein in and the right overall nutrition in for his needs to help him get fitter and stronger in the gym, build some muscle and lose more fat...

Add some flavour to your food and enjoy it...salsa, mustard, ketchup, balsamic vinegar, chopped tomatoes, herbs, spices whatever

Just account for it in your daily intake and you're good to get results and enjoy your food!

Have a great weekend,


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