Do you still eat this food?

It’s no secret that you’re constantly told to “cut down on red meat”…(and eat more “healthy wholegrains”…)


Because apparently red meat gives you heart disease and makes you fat and “toxic”…

Well, that is if you believe everything you read without looking at the science and understanding what this means for YOU << You see, if you define “red meat eaters” as those who eat a lot of takeaway, fizzy drinks, smoke and barely exercise…then guess what? You’ll probably find that “red meat eaters” aren’t as healthy…

But what our friends in lab coats just did this year was look at what would happen to your quality of life and muscle strength if you:

1* Gave women 2 portions of lean red meat each day plus made them do muscle strengthening exercise twice per week


2* Gave women carbohydrates portions like pasta or bread plus made them do muscle strengthening exercise twice per week

And guess what?

The women who ate more lean red meat better quality of life scores (perhaps due to making every day tasks easier due to the protein helping muscle tone and recovery) and showed greater muscle strength!

Now, is that “lean red meat” is magical?

Of course, not. I mean it does contain B vitamins and Iron which – especially in women – can help to boost your energy levels. But in my opinion? The added protein (which helps you tone up and keeps you full) plus the muscle strengthening exercise were they key to making every day tasks easier!

What does this mean for you?

Try having at least 2 hand sized portions of protein foods every day (be it steak, fish, chicken, turkey etc) and try to incorporate muscle strengthening exercises into your routine to help make every day tasks easier like climbing stairs and shopping…even if you start with 3 minutes.

And it reminds me of what happened to Fat Loss Mastery Member, Cassie, the other week. You see, Cassie missed a session but mentioned she’d been on a bike ride and for a swim with the kids. And although Cassie felt “guilty” for missing a session, she actually achieved her starting goal of being able to do more fun things with the kids!

And having the energy and confidence to do more of the things you enjoy doing is what it’s all about, right?

Matt “medium-rare, please” Fruci
Fruci Fit
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